Fantasy Hockey Last Minute Draft Tips

Hockey is seven days away and fantasy hockey has begun for some, but for some leagues, they may not have drafted, for instance in both my leagues I have not drafted yet in both my leagues. Therefore I have been preparing and getting ready, as should you.

Here we will talk about the keeper list of players you should consider for this upcoming season!

Keepers that are a must. Assuming you get two keepers here is a defense and offense keepers list. Now for any reason you second guess keeping any of these guys, disbanded the thought of being a fantasy hockey owner, you’re not cut out for this.

  • Sidney Crosby 
  • Connor McDavid
  • Alex Ovechkin: 
  • Auston Matthews
  • Tyler Seguin
  • Jamie Benn
  • Patrik Laine
  • Jack Eichel
  • Mark Scheifele
  • John Tavares
  • Steven Stamkos
  • Brad Marchand
  • Vladimir Tarasenko
  • Nikita Kucherov
  • Brent Burns
  • Erik Karlsson
  • Drew Doughty
  • Dustin Byfuglien
  • Duncan Keith

nikita-kucherovOk, now that we established the must-haves what are some other pointers you may be looking for? Perhaps a player you really wanted was drafted and you have no idea what to do, or you just drafted a ton of one-dimensional players and have no tools like an LW, RW or C, RW/LW on your roster, or even you ended up drafting a second goalie in the 14th round and you’re questioning your team’s worth now.

Don’t worry we have you covered over at Live In The Stands!

  1. Utilize the queue. It is there for a reason if you know you drafted 2,3,4 you won’t get a pick for a little bit, so search the pool pick your player of choice then pick a backup just in case. Stash him in your queue and you’re good to go.
  2. Keep an eye on players that are C, RW or LW, RW, they provide a ton of value to your roster and can be moved within anywhere to your lineup. It helps you from choosing who to sit on a busy or quiet hockey night.
  3. Goalie early and middle of the pack. Do not get lost in the draft moment, stay level-headed realize that two goalies that are solid #1 goalies are more important than picking that player you THINK is going to break through.  
  4. Keep an eye on the board. Check to see where guys are falling, how your league is drafting is it heavy forwards or heavy goaltenders early, check to see the trend, therefore you can maybe steal a scoring defenseman in the later rounds or sleeper forward in the later rounds.
  5. Have a plan and build around a superstar. Have a plan, go in there and think you’re going to grab a superstar first round of course, then build around from that, will you want to have three solid scorers and four other 50-65 point forwards along with three good defensemen or vice versa. I suggest picking the players that get the job done year after year, the guys you know who will produce consistently and you can rely on. Don’t try and stretch too much, be smart and don’t buy high on players because of what you heard your friends or NHL Network say about them.
  6. Go read some Pete Jensen articles, the guy is an absolute wizard.

You’re ready for your draft now, you’re welcome. Go crush it!


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