Waiver Wire Fantasy Hockey Defenseman

Perhaps a defenseman may go down with an injury or you’re number three/four defenseman is out for the night. These five guys will be able to assist you in racking up some value for your roster that night.

  1. Mark Streit: Now Streit may be 39-years-old and washed up but for a night or two he can provide some value. On this Montreal blue line that is very active and being Streit is an offensive-minded defenseman, he could see some point production throughout the year. Streit will be on the second line d-pair and the second power-play unit, the time and chances will be there but we just don’t know if Streit is capable of doing a ton being a bit older.
  2. Damon Severson: The only Devils defensemen with upside to be honest, besides Will Butcher. But Severson saw the most success out of any Devils defenseman last season he did slot 31 points and 28 assists, he will be the Devils #1 defenseman and on their power play one. Just don’t expect Severson to help you in the plus/minus department.
  3. Jaccob Slavin: Slavin was there until the final rounds of the draft last night and for some reason, many do not see an upside in Slavin, but he will be on the first line with Justin Faulk and did tally 29 assists and 34 points last season. Slavin is an up and coming defenseman that will provide any lineup with some production and come a few years he’ll be a top defenseman in the league.
  4. Alexei Emelin: Now this is only a part time option until Ryan Ellis returns but until than Emelin may just be good enough to roster him on the bench and use him as an every other night kind of guy. Right now he is paired to go with P.K. Subban he won’t see any power play time but the time he will be out there on even strength may be enough to think about using him.
  5. Nate Schmidt: One of Vegas’s top defenseman and a player that will provide some depth and usage to your lineup. Being on a brand new franchise not many are expecting much from this team, this will be a perfect year to see if Schmidt is capable of being a top defenseman on this roster. This year we should see Schmidt take more chances and play more of an active role in the offense. Right now he is on the second d-pair with Colin Miller and could easily see power play minutes mid-way through the year.

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