Lupul’s Future In Jeopardy

The Joffrey Lupul scandal is handled. With his second failed physical, Lupul will now be placed on LTIR (Long Term Injury Reserve) which, coupled with Nathan Horton who is also on LTIR, relieves 10.5 million dollars off their cap. Lupul made waves after last week on Instagram providing comments to challenge the initial ruling of him failing his team physical.

Lupul cheating
Lupul’s instagram Post with the harsh comment on the Leaf’s apparent falsifying his physical

As hockey fans and players, we understand his frustration of not being able to play hockey for over 1.5 years. Lupul has endured a slew of injuries that has hindered his play in Toronto. From him getting a broken arm by a Dion Phaneuf slap shot while he stands in front, to having to get back surgery while a member of Anaheim. Lupul has possessed enough skill in his career to obtain 420 points in 701 games. When on the ice, he is a dangerous player without a doubt, but with his injury history teams must be apprehensive before attempting to obtain a former 60-point scorer. Now all left for Lupul is to wait out this injury bug and hope he can regain his old skills to hope to continue to play the game he loves.


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