NHL: 10 Thoughts Heading into the 2017-2018 NHL Season…

Holy goosebumps, did anyone see the video released by SportsNet Tuesday afternoon? Well if not here is the link (click on the word link)

What’s better than that video to kick of the 17-18 NHL season?  My 10 thoughts heading into the season.

1.President Trophy Favorites?

It’s obviously not the Capitals they have struggled all preseason and I don’t care if preseason does not matter the Capitals will not repeat and win the President’s trophy yet again. Another team will, but I just don’t know who yet.

2. NHL Youth?

The NHL has a ton of youth and each year new young guns come into the NHL revamping the game of hockey a little bit each season. As we saw Connor McDavid win an array of trophies at 20-years-old, what is the ceiling for the NHL youth.

3. Calder Favorite?

This one intrigues me the most I always like to see how young guys pan out, if they stay the full year, get dropped mid-season or what not. But right now the Calder is a toss up, last season it was an easy choice between three players this year it could be between ten guys.

4. Flames Train?

I’m on the Flames train what about you? After signing Jaromir Jagr and Flames remarkable offseason I am fully on board with this team’s success heading into the year.

5. Laine for the Rocket

Again I am a huge Laine fan, I think he should have won the Calder but Matthews did lead the Leafs to the playoffs and score 40-goals so fair enough. But a full season under his belt it won’t take long for Laine to crack 40 goals.

6. Smashville still alive?

I am off the Smashville train and I want no part of the hype and admiration this team is getting right now. Being one of the top teams to win the Stanley Cup and win the division, no shot. That West is tough and Nashville did not get much better from last year, plus Ellis out for a few months does not help. Get off the Smashville train, now.

7. McDavid cracks over 100 points

Realistically it is definitely possible I mean he did tally 30G and 70A last season so he really only needs either one more goal or assists. But 100 points back to back is not easy, Patrick Kane and that is why I am confident McDavid will do it. He’ll be winning the Art Ross for the next five years.

8. Leafs Youth Ready For Postseason Push

Jeez does a team get any younger and more skilled than these guys? Some of these players like Matthews, Nylander, Marner, Zaitsev are already top players among their position. We saw these players work their wonders in the postseason last year giving Washington a run for their money. Can they stay on pace for an even better more successful postseason though?


Another train I am fully engaged on and ready to take a ride. Sit back, wait and watch this team prosper. The Hurricanes have a young offensive core, defensive core and now a starting goalie. Does not get better than that, now they may not make the postseason(which they still have a chance) but they will be a bubble wild card team for sure. Give these team two years and you’ll see them dominating the NHL.

10. Stanley Cup Favorites

PEnguins are not repeating, Washington won’t be there(ever), Blackhawks don’t see in the mix, Anaheim is a possibility, Nashville LOL, no. Therefore who is it, I want to say it will be a team we have not seen in quite some time a team many are overlooking and undershooting how good they really are. I wonder who though? Do you have a guess?


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