What is next for the Detroit Red Wings?

This past season was the first year the Detroit Red Wings missed the Stanley Cup Playoffs since the 1989 season. Everyone knew they were going to miss the playoffs eventually, but this could be the beginning of the end for the immediate future. Detroit is beginning to trend downward for sure.

The Upside…

Although Detroit is in a tough situation, there are a few things they can look forward too. Anthony Mantha looks like he could be the face of the franchise in the coming future. He was able to post 36 points in 60 games in Hockeytown last year. Look for him to increase his numbers this year and be a bright spot for this Detroit team for years to come alongside Dylan Larkin. Another bright spot is the opening of their new arena downtown, Little Caesars Arena. Any time a new arena opens there is always a lot of attention to be drawn to it, and the same goes for this situation. The new arena will bring in the fans and the money, but it all depends on the product on the ice.


The Cons…

Where do I begin? This Detroit team has more holes than Swiss cheese. Both Jimmy Howard and Petr Mrazek have been given opportunities to be the number one goalie and neither has taken the bone to this point. From a defensive standpoint, they have some big names but all of them are players out of their prime. Trevor Daley signed a three-year deal in the offseason, but the problem is he is 33-years-old and turns 34 in October. Both Mike Green and Niklas Kronwall used to be solid defenseman in this league, but both are fading and fading fast. Detroit puts out a solid first line with Zetterberg in the middle, Mantha on the right and Larkin on the left. After that, what is left? Detroit is full of guys who have underperformed and have never been able to take the next step in terms of an offensive standpoint. For Detroit to have any chance of competing for Lord Stanley, let alone make the playoffs, they need everything to go perfectly, which almost never happens. Look for an array of first round picks in the top ten for the Red Wings in the coming years.


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