New Company Fantasy League

A new hockey year means a new season of fantasy hockey. Us at the office felt like we wanted to do a league to share with all of our viewers as the season continues. As I was mulling over how to do this league, I came up with a cool idea to test out. This is not your typical fantasy league. We pick 10 players (6F, 3D, 1G), one must be a rookie, and we can ONLY have one player from the 2016-2017 Top-15 scorers in the league. Here is how the draft turned out:

Positions Auld Santagata Fisher Bozzi
F McDavid (T15) Crosby (T15) Kucherov (T15) Matthews
F Barkov Getzlaf Stamkos Benn
F Radulov Gaudreau Eichel Guentzel
F Tavares Pacioretty Ehlers Keller (R )
F Hoffman Boesser (R ) Skinner Kessel
F Niederreiter Forsberg Hischier (R ) Granlund
D Weber Hedman Karlsson Burns (T15)
D McAvoy (R ) Byfuglien Josi Letang
D Doughty Hamilton Shattenkirk Klingberg
G Holtby Bobrovsky Vasilevskiy Talbot

Scoring: Scoring in this league is short and sweet.

Skaters: 2 points for a Goal, 1 for an Assist

Goalies: 2 points for a Win, 1 for a Shutout

Standings: This is going on all season and throughout the year, points will accumulate. Playoffs will be 2 weeks long and scoring will be multiplied by 1.5X (Goal is now worth 3, Assist is worth 1.5, Win is 3, Shutout is 1.5). Whoever leads at the end of the playoffs will be declared champion. This is our test run, and will fix any issues next season.

Other Rules: Only allowed 3 waiver moves until the Trade Deadline. Trades are Allowed.

Let us know what you think! And try this out with your Friends! We will provide weekly updates on the standings and other waiver claims.


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