NHL: Colorado Shutouts Boston, Nail Yakupov 3-point day

Avalanche continue to surprise many as they shutout the Bruins 4-0 in a Columbus Day matinee. The more surprising headline today for the Avalanche is Nail Yakupov two goal, three-point game and Semyon Varlamov’s 29 save shutout.

Yakupov has traveled through three teams in the last three years. Last season with the Blues was a year to forget for Yakupov as he tallied 9 points in 40 games. And his last season with Edmonton he slotted 23 points in 60 games. Through his four years in Edmonton, his career high was 33 points and 17 goals. Yakupov has been longing for a home ever since his failed years in Edmonton the once 2012 1st overall draft pick has failed expectations of many around the NHL. Yakupov is only 24-years-old with plenty of years to come. Perhaps coming to a team with very little media coverage, low expectations for the season and putting the past behind him could be the reason for his early success.

Yakupov is now only six points away from tying his season total last year. If Matt Duchene does end up getting traded some may worry about Yakupov’s success moving forward but until then, there is not much compliment coming from Colorado and or Yakupov doubters right now.


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