NHL: Vegas Golden Knights Hot Start, Relax. It won’t last much longer.

Alright I was going to wait to write this after this weekend but something needs to be said, I’ll give credit where credit is due now, without a doubt Vegas has looked incredible, but I mean people need to relax already. The Vegas Golden Knights are 3-0, that’s all fine and dandy but it is just THREE games. It was awesome to see them win last night after that amazing ceremony but take into consideration they have played the Dallas Stars and Arizona Coyotes twice. It’s not like they’re beating any spectacular teams, plus like I said before it is three games, take a breather, people.

Vegas Golden Knights Hot Start

Vegas Golden KnightsYeah, you may be saying, “the Golden Knights look amazing right now how could you say they are not going to be good”. I do not think this start means anything though, many teams have started off hot and ended up falling off the rails. Look at Colorado right now they’re 2-1, took down Boston and the Rangers two playoff teams why isn’t everyone going crazy over them? The Coyotes went 3-0 in 2015-16 and had one of their worst years that season. Yes, Vegas joined elite company as the first ever expansion franchise to go 3-0, but do we actually for a second believe that this team will continue this success for 82-games?!! No. Why, well here…

Neal & Fleury capable of this play all year? 

Neal goalJames Neal is off to a hot start with five goals in three games. Of Vegas’s nine goals Neal has half of them. Neal would need to continue this pace for 82-games that would mean then, well, Neal is tallying his career high at 30-years-old. Neal has tallied 40-goals one time and that was six years ago. He has been in the range of 25-30 goals for his whole career, so to think Neal will keep this production up is absurd. Next, Marc Andre Fleury is posting 1.32 goals against, .963 save percentage and has started every game. Fleury has posted numbers like a 2.50 and .912 save percentage in his career, is there any reason to believe at age 32-years-old Fleury is at the top of his game. What happens when he doesn’t start, uh oh. Malcolm Subban comes in, have fun. Lastly, the Golden Knights played the Coyotes twice and should have lost to the Stars, yes, should of, could of, would of, I know but play them again and guarantee the Stars win.

Vegas schedule for rest of October…

Luckily Vegas plays Boston again tonight, then Detroit, Buffalo, but after that, they face off against Chicago and St. Louis. Then the fun begins as they hit the road for their six-day road trip vs both New York teams, Boston, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal. Good luck, enjoy the admiration and hype now but come two weeks Vegas will be right where we all expected them to be.


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