NHL Headlines 10/12

Jagr doing His “Fine Wine” Impression: He is back! Jaromir Jagr made his debut for the Calgary Flames last night and did not do too poorly. The Flames won the game 4-3 in OT coming off of a goal by Sean Monahan. Fun Fact, 10 players on the Flames this season were not alive when Jagr played in his first NHL game. Jagr played 13:38 in his debut for the Flames and was not completely out of place. Playing on a line with Kris Versteeg and Sam Bennett, it is visibly clear his feet are not there, but after some time he may be able to get back the classic Jagr play and aid this team to be successful.

Rivalry Night, Round 1: Penguins: Pittsburgh won the first battle between the Caps and Pens this season 3-2. This was a tight match, but the hot start from the Penguins was too much for the Caps to handle. Ovechkin and Corsby each got a point in this one (Ovi staying hot with another goal), Murray and Holtby each have their games back to all-star form. This is a rivalry set up to have another possible postseason matchup which all NHL fans want to see again. One more Ovi vs. Sid series would be fun.

Colorado Cannot Be This Good, Are the Bruins Just This Bad? Colorado and Nail Yakupov stay hot beating the Bruins for the 2nd time this season 6-3. Beating them a couple days ago 4-0, and Yak scoring 2 goals, they go home and do it again. Yakupov gets a goal and assist and Matt Duchene scores his first of the year. I am going to say it now, Colorado might not be awful this season. Looking at their division, it is not out of the realm of possibility if they hold onto Duchene or get another top end center, they could finish as high as 4th in their division. Between Colorado and New Jersey, both teams are drastically improved and actually fun to watch.


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