Columbus Blue Jackets(3-1-0) vs Minnesota Wild(1-1-1)

Jackets coming off a home win against the Rangers last night and now are right back at it today. The Wild have recently been banged up with injuries to some key players such as Charlie Coyle and Nino Niederreiter. The Wild are off to a very average start, something they would like to change while the Blue Jackets are ready to keep things rolling. Blue Jackets, 4-1.

Nashville Predators(2-2-0) vs Chicago Blackhawks(3-1-1)

Hawks vs Preds is always a good matchup to watch for the everyday fan. Both teams off to a good start to the season and showing a lot of promise for the rest of the season. As much as I like Forsberg and the Preds, the Madhouse on Madison will be rocking tonight as the Blackhawks will take tonight’s matchup, Blackhawks, 3-2.  

Boston Bruins(1-2-0) vs Arizona Coyotes(0-3-1)

The Bruins go to the desert to face the Coyotes. The Coyotes have lost their last two to the high flying Golden Knights who were getting out their early jitters as the newest NHL team. The Bruins do not look like the playoff team they were last year. It is too early to tell but the start to the season is not in their favor. Coyotes, 3-2. 

Calgary Flames(3-2-0) vs Vancouver Canucks(1-1-1)

Calgary goes into Vancouver tonight as a battle in western Canada ensues. The Canucks have not shown anything special in terms of skill and ability to compete, tonight is a good test against a mixed aged group of players. The Flames have shown signs of promise with the ability to bury the puck. Flames, 4-1. 

Ottawa Senators(2-0-2) @ Oilers(1-2-0)

The Senators are coming off a big win last night in Calgary pumping them 6-0. The Senators looked great but the question of the night is, can they do it again with a back to back schedule, not in their favor facing Connor McDavid and the fast pace Oilers. Oilers, 3-2. 

Buffalo Sabres(0-3-1) vs Los Angeles Kings(2-0-1)

the Buffalo Sabres are still grinding away at their California road trip as they play the Kings tonight. The Sabres lost to the Sharks in their first game in Cali falling 3-2. Jack Eichel came out to the media saying that he is tired of losing. This is Eichel sparking the young squad, however, they have a big test tonight against Jonathan Quick. Sabres, 4-2. 

New York Islanders(1-2-1) vs San Jose Sharks(1-2-0)

Back at the Shark Tank, the Sharks look to take on the Islanders tonight. The Sharks need to keep putting the puck in the net with limiting their trips to the box in order for success. The Islanders need all four lines up front to contribute in order for them to have success. Sharks take it at home tonight. Sharks, 2-1. 


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