Vegas and Analytics Series (Game 4)


CF%=Corsi For %=Shot Attempts For/Total Shot Attempts

CA%=Corsi Against %=Shot Attempts Against/Total Shot Attempts


TPR=Total Play Rating (Not a completely verified stat) = (PDO-CA%)+High Danger Sv%

This article is going to be much shorter than the previous one, if you have any questions about what the stats mean, I will link the previous article that explains what each stat means and why it is important.


VGK: 5v5=54.46%



This was a tightly contested game between the Knights and Wings. In my opinion these two teams will fight for not being last in the NHL in points this season. Detroit had the slight advantage in the game until about halfway through the first. From then on it was the Knights having slight advantage in the shot attempts. Look at this graph via for reference.werk

The line of Leipsic-Karlsson-Haula was Vegas’ best line in terms of puck possession 5v5. They controlled the puck at about a 60+% rate compared to their opposition.



DET: 111.50

Detroit rode an insane shooting percentage to defeat the Knights in this category. When it comes down to it, even if a team gets outplayed in the NHL, sometimes teams get lucky with a PDO above 100. Once getting above a 110 PDO, rarely if ever loses the contest. This was a competitive game and not the type of game the score would suggest at 6-3 Detroit.



This is more than 40 points less than the Knights’ last game this is due to the very low High Danger save percentage that Fleury had last night. This was overall not a terrible game by the Knights, but it is evident that goaltending was the problem last night. This is cause for concern because if Fleury gets tired and flounders every 4th game, Malcolm Subban will be forced to play a larger role for the team after just last week management saying he may not be completely NHL ready yet. Alas, the Knights are still 3-1-0 and have not looked out of place as of now. They continue their quest against the struggling Bruins at home who were dominated by the Avalanche back-to-back games.

Can we also say this is a great introduction, it works for adults and kids alike. I love what the Golden Knights are doing with their fan base in Vegas


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