NHL Detroit Red Wings

NHL: Red-Wings Start, Something to get used to all season?

I feel like I am the bearer of bad news and just keep raining down on teams, well tonight the target is the Detroit Red Wings, now before you get fussy and start crying. The Red Wings are off to a surprising start but face it Red Wing fans, Little Caesars Arena won’t bring you this luck all year. They have played some good teams but the season is still young and I guarantee you by the end of November the Red Wings will not be above .500. Now, why do I say that well because…

Red Wings goaltending….

NHL NewsUmm, people, we are talking about Petr Mrazek and Jimmy Howard here, neither of these goalies are even thoughts in any of our minds when speaking about a difference-making goaltender. Mrazek has posted a 2.33 two season ago in 49 starts so ok I said it for you. But do we actually think Mrazek is going to post those numbers with a defense like the Red Wings and or splitting time with Jimmy Howard? Not a shot. Now, Jimmy Howard, yes he did post a 2.13 goals against in back to back seasons, five years ago… since then he has not posted below a 2.44. Plus he has been injury prone in the last few years and again will not be able to keep up this pace for another 35 plus starts.

Red Wings defense….

The Red Wings defense is led by 34-year-old Trevor Daley, Daley was a top-four defenseman/top six d-man for the past four years, now all of sudden he comes to Detroit and they expect this guy to play 23 plus minutes per game for the next 77 games, yeah right. Then comes Danny DeKeyser who has failed miserably in Detroit coming here six years ago he was highly acclaimed and thought to be a top defenseman in the NHL later in his career, well DeKeyser has never tallied over 31 points and had one of his worst seasons last year. To add to the mess, the Red Wings rely on two veterans who “were” good back in their prime but now as the game has transitioned they are just a dime a dozen players. Niklas Kronwall and Mike Green now Green is off to an 8-point year, but if we know Mike Green he will be injured in 20 games.

Red Wings offense…

Now there are bright spots in Anthony Mantha, Martin Frk, and Dylan Larkin but when will Gustav Nyquist and Tomas Tatar come back to life! Nyquist tallied 54 points in 2104-15 but since then has been on a roller coaster since then and has not shown signs of life since his 14-15 season. Tatar did the same as Nyquist he tallied 56 points in 2014-15 and since then has been on a roller coaster and without these two guys, the Red Wings will struggle offensively. Because we don’t actually think Frk, Mantha & Larkin are all tallying 50 plus points this season right?


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