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NHL: Troubles in B-Town? Bruins youth able to step up…

I think we may have bid way too high on the Boston Bruins this year, I know it’s early in the year but I wrote them off as a playoff team before the season started, my hopes were high for this team and I had them cracking a playoff spot. Unfortunately, after five games, the Bruins are worrying me a little bit. I understand it is early but take a look at this roster…

Brad Marchand- Patrice Bergeron- Andres Bjork 

Jake Debrusk-David Krejci- David Pastrnak

Tim Schaller-Riley Nash- David Backes 

Matt Beleskey-Sean Kuraly- Frank Vatrano 

I mean besides Pastrnak, Marchand and hoping Bergeron can bounce back the Bruins are not deep and or scary on the front end, the back end I’ll admit is good and that will be the main reason they may see the playoffs. But it is quite evident that the Bruins have seen some offensive struggles through five games, in those five games they have fourteen goals in five games and if they did not play Arizona(whoopie!) they would have eight goals in four games.

Bergeron’s health…

Now the reason I am skeptical is that well Bergeron battled through a major injury last year and his production took a toll, to hope he can bounce back and do more right after that injury is tough to do. Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak are going to have to carry this offense, and I feel like teams in the league will realize the Bruins have no depth so if they match lines well with Pastrnak and Marchand they can shut the two down and do fine.

Bruins youth need to step up…

Screenshot 2017-10-17 at 6.47.43 PMSecondly, I know this team has two top 25 players in the league but their roster is young, Bjork is 21, DeBrusk is 21, Kurlay is 24(rookie still), Vatrano is 23, McAvoy is 19, Carlo is 20, that is six players under the age of 24-years-old and they all play a role on this team. Bjork and DeBrusk play a top-six role, McAvoy and Carlo play a top-four defenseman role and these players will have a ton of weight on their shoulders this season. Also, last thing(sort of), if Bergeron goes out, Riley Nash becomes the #1 center and I’m sorry but if he is holding that spot for longer than a month, count me out on this team.

Last thing (for real) now I did not mention Tuukka Rask because I believe he is a top 10 goalie in the NHL but he himself has shown signs of struggle at times. For three straight season, he posted 2.05 goals against or lower and yes he is a Stanley Cup goaltender but that was four, five years ago! I am not fully sure how much I can trust Rask, I believe he can hold this team up but I also can see him falling to pieces. I hope I’m wrong and the Bruins defense can help Rask, but if Rask is not on fire game in and game out the Bruins will struggle, I know that for certain.


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