NHL: What if Wednesday’s

Kucherov pass Lemieux’s record? 

We all obviously are aware of what Nikita Kucherov is doing right now if not well I will quickly fill in, but please stay up to date people. Kucherov has scored now eight goals in his first seven games and has put his name along some of the greatest to ever play. When I first heard it I didn’t think eight goals in seven games was all that great, but if you look around the league some guys are having trouble scoring one goal in five to six games and Kucherov has eight goals, scary.  Kucherov has joined Steve Yzerman, Mario Lemieux and Keith Tkachuk for goals in seven consecutive games to start the season. Right now he is chasing Mario Lemieux’s record of a goal in twelve consecutive games. What if he gets there and Kucherov does bury twelve goals in twelve games, is he an early write off for the Rocket and or Hart trophy, I mean I would say so, but what if he continues this tear, will he score 55 plus goals or more, will he be the first player to score 55 goals or more since Steven Stamkos in 2011-12?

Rangers & Oilers miss the playoffs? 

NHL NewsThe New York Rangers and Edmonton Oilers have been off to a slow start and they have struggled immensely out the gate, nobody saw these coming, not even Kevin Weekes. Rough patches happen and this may be a rough patch but this is bad, there’s no denying that. The Rangers are 1-5-1 ranked 10th in the Eastern Conference wild card and 29th in the NHL. The Oilers are 1-4-0 ranked 8th in the Western Conference wild card and 30th in the NHL. What if both teams continue this poor play, they struggle all season and miss the playoffs, hey it’s early and it is a what if so don’t kill me now. But what if! Well, that opens two playoff spots since many had the Rangers and Oilers as shoe-ins to the playoffs. What if they both miss and teams like the Hurricanes and Kings jump into the playoffs, what if!!

Two storied head coaches get fired?

Two coaching situations we should talk about the Rangers Alain Vigneault and Canadiens Claude Julien. Now, both have done an awful job managing lines and matching players together and it has shown in their team’s records thus far. What if they both get fired, who steps up in both places? Does Darryl Suter get a call? Does Lindy Ruff resurge this Rangers team? What if they both continue down this mess and really end up mismanaging their teams, what will happen? I’m saying one of the two will be gone sooner than later if both teams continue this atrocious play.


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