NHL Fantasy hockey

Fantasy Hockey: Tips to win the week


Depending on the league you may be in, these quick tips may assure you a victory for this week. Now I am not saying this is a full proof plan but think about it.

It is Thursday already and the NHL features nine games tonight, six games Friday, twelve games Saturday and one Sunday. Therefore you will have a full roster guaranteed, Saturday, a few holes in your roster Friday and tonight and no one playing Sunday probably. Therefore choose wisely when to drop and add players.

For instance tonight would be a good chance to try and pick up two players, and tomorrow night, stay away from the waiver wire Saturday and use the rest of your adds on Sunday.

Going off adds per week, but this should help…

Now this obviously depends on the amount of adds you have a week and how many you have left right now. In a perfect world at this point in the week you may have used one or two adds up to this point and how many adds do you have in your league, 3,4,5,6,7 unlimited? Let’s just say it is six a good medium we will choose, used two already and have four more for the week.

If you listen to my plan use two tonight and two tomorrow night you maximize the amount of points you can get and or the amount of players that play for you in the week. When is the best time to add guys? I advocate for later in the week just in case you are behind and really need to catch up.

Only three-adds? No worries!

Ok, now per say you only have three adds a week, now in this case use them wisely and use them later in the week, 100 percent. Monday, Tuesdays are usually a little busier in the NHL, so you may be able to get away with just playing who is on your roster.

Also one last tip, when you pick up a player check his game log to see how many times he plays that week. Maybe you can double dip and use this guy for the rest of the week without wasting another add for the week. For instance say you pick up Henrik Zetterberg tomorrow and he plays, Friday and Sunday compared to a guy who only plays one day for the rest of the week, that maximizes the ability to earn more points right there!

For any other topic you guys would like covered, shoot me an email at liveinthestands@gmail.com or just comment on this section!


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