Vancouver Canucks(2-3-1) vs Buffalo Sabres(1-4-2)

The Canucks dropped a tough one last night to the struggling Bruins, as they go back to back on the road, Vancouver will be challenged vs a hungry Buffalo team. Buffalo themselves are coming off two days rest after dropping one to Vegas in overtime Tuesday night. Buffalo has struggled out the gate but vs a tired Vancouver may be the chance to get the ball rolling on Buffalo’s hopeful start to the season. The offense has been led by Evander Kane and James Pominville for the Sabres right now. The bright spot about the Sabres 1-4-2 start is that the newly acquired Pominville is finding his beat on the Sabres. This will be either a blow out in the Sabres favor just an offense waiting to explode or a close game. Sabres, 4-2.

San Jose Sharks(2-3-0) vs New Jersey Devils(6-1-0)  

It really irks me to say this as I am not opposed to the Devils success but they continue to surprise us all. With production coming from all over the place the Devils have not relied on one or two guys to score as they all are chipping in. The Sharks have looked pretty terrible in some games this season and with Brent Burns off to an astronomical slow start, the Sharks are suffering. But in a back to back for the Devils after playing an overtime game vs Ottawa in Ottawa to travel back to New Jersey for a quick turn around will be a challenge. San Jose is coming off two days rest, fresh legs could bury this Devils team. Sharks tonight, hate to say it but that travel and back to back is tough and does not look favorable. Shark, 3-2.

Washington Capitals(3-3-1) vs Detroit Red Wings(4-3-0)

By all means, if the Capitals are the less favored team, smash that plus. Anyways, Detroit’s hopeful start is coming to an end real soon as in they will be 4-4 after tonight pointing some fingers at the defense after tonight. The Capitals dropped a tough on vs Toronto for an offense that is one of the most highly scored offenses in the league to get held to zero goals leaves pain scars in the Capitals mind. The Capitals are well rested and ready to go tonight, Alex Ovechkin hasn’t tallied a goal in three games so we can assure he’ll be on the board tonight. Capitals, 4-1.

Pittsburgh Penguins(4-2-1) vs Florida Panthers(2-3-0)

These two team almost a week from today, where the Panthers dropped a close one 4-3. Well, the question is brought up to us again, will the Penguins beat the Panthers. Where one team is coming off a win and another a tough loss, the Penguins will be victorious again. Will get to see Matt Murray and Roberto Luongo in net for this matchup and the PEnguins have Ian Cole back as well. It’s tough to not go with Pittsburgh after looking at their offense and power play. In a game where there will be slashing and penalties called, Penguins have the upper hand there. Penguins, 3-2.

Minnesota Wild(1-1-2) vs Winnipeg Jets(3-3-0)

The Wild are HURTING, after losing two top three forwards they are going to feel effects of that loss for months now. This is not the best time to get the Wild going and run with them, as the Jets are on home ice coming off a loss. The Jets need to find some consistency and balance in their game, and it may be a good test vs a still good team and goaltender. With the Jets and Winnipeg fans hungry for a win, I cannot go against the home team here. Winnipeg, 4-2.

Montreal Canadiens(1-5-1) vs Anaheim Ducks(2-3-1)

Sorry, Montreal but this will not be a night to get back in the win column. So far this year Montreal has scored eleven goals in seven games. The Canadiens have not won since the first game of the season October 5th vs Buffalo so it has been fifteen days without a win. Closing up their West Coast trip after dropping two games already will be a real barn burner for Montreal fans to see another loss tonight. This is a game where John Gibson gets some confidence and gets the wheels back on the track he has not looked amazing this year and versus a struggling offense is a perfect game to gain some traction for Gibson. As well the Ducks offense has not been lights out this could be an ugly one for the Canadiens. The bright spot though the Canadiens have moved Alex Galy Chunk to the first line with Jonathan Drouin and Max Pacioretty! Finally, only two years too late! Ducks, 4-1.

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