MLB: ALCS Game 6-New York Yankees vs. Houston Astros

Yanks Look to Punch Their Ticket to World Series

Well, it’s official. The New York Yankees are back to being a contender for the World Series. Up 3-2 in the ALCS against the Houston Astros, they seem to be the favorite to represent the American League in this year’s World Series. This young, exciting Yankee team is looking to make some noise in the league for years to come.

The Yankees will send their best pitcher to the bump, Luis Severino. Severino has performed a lot better since not making it out of the first inning of the Wild Card game. The last outing, in game two, Severino surrendered one run on two hits in just four innings.

The Yankees have used their bullpen as many times as they can. So far, it has worked to their advantage, as the bullpen (led by Chapman, Robertson, & Betances) seems almost un-hittable at times. The Houston Astros will certainly have their hands full, dealing with New York’s ace and their great bullpen.


The Yankees lineup will have to put runners on base early and get Verlander’s pitch count up if they want to score runs. During Game five, the Yankees beat up on Houston’s bullpen and look to do the same tonight.

Aaron Judge can be the league’s best hitter at times, but he can also be one of the worst. Although Judge is a top power hitter in the league, he strikes out A LOT. He seems to struggle on the road, and completely dominate at home. Last time in Houston, against Verlander, he went 0-4 with 2 strikeouts. He will need to have better at-bats if the Yankees want to score runs early on Verlander. When Judge is hot, he can be a huge spark in the lineup and is always a threat to have a game-changing at-bat.   

636402621254951685-verlander0905Justin Verlander is one of the few things standing in the way of the Yankees winning the pennant. Verlander was outstanding in game two, throwing 124 pitches over 9 innings, striking out thirteen, walking just one, and surrendering only one run. The Yankees looked lost against one of the league’s best, and they will definitely have to have better at-bats tonight.

The Astros lineup have looked too great itself for a majority of the series – with the exception of guys like Carlos Correa and AL MVP favorite Jose Altuve. Besides these two stars and a few others, their lineup has been nowhere to be found. They will need to get it started early on if they want to win this game, and back Verlander.

If the Yankees can put together solid at-bats, and get Verlander’s pitch count up early, they can take home the pennant and win tonight. If Verlander comes out and dominates again, we’ll be back in Houston for a game 7.


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