NHL Headlines 10/20

What is Wrong in the Desert: The Arizona Coyotes dropped their game last night to the Dallas Stars 5-4 last night. Nothing is going right for a team I believed to have turned a page going into the season. On paper this team should be more successful than 0-6-1. At this point, a slow start almost knocks them out of playoff contention already. Three one goal games, and a couple of multiple goal losses later equal just a bad result. Only 2 out of their 7 games saw the Coyotes eclipse more than 2 goals, and both of those games they lost 5-4. With spotty goaltending and no real punch on offense this team will be bad. Hope that the Coyotes can find a spark through Ekman-Larsson or Domi or else this will be another top 3 pick year for the Yotes.

Oilers Slip Out of Their Slide: A 2-1 OT win over the Chicago Blackhawks my prove to be a sign of life for the Oilers who dropped their previous 4 games. Cam Talbot looks to have his bearings straight, and McDavid showed some life in this game, especially in the overtime period. In the OT, he drew the penalty to Patrick Kane which led to his assist on Mark Letestu’s OT winner. This could be a turning point to a team who certainly stumbled out of the gate.

Turmoil in New York: The Rangers lost a tough battle of New York matchup against the Islanders last night in the shootout. This was a fun game to watch, but the Islanders caught the edge in the end after losing a 3-1 lead. The Rangers fall to 1-5-2 this season, and no one is looking too strong yet. Lundqvist has had his struggles this season and without a strong backup like he had in the past with Raanta and Talbot, this is Lundqvist’s season. The Rangers will turn around, but will they do it when it is too late? We are only 6-8 games into the year for teams, but slow starts usually indicate a bad year. Only time will tell.

In other news, Hischier, the first overall pick pots his first and second NHL goal in the Devils’ win over the Sens.


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