Vegas and Analytic Series (Game 7)


CF%=Corsi For %=Shot Attempts For/Total Shot Attempts

CA%=Corsi Against %=Shot Attempts Against/Total Shot Attempts


TPR=Total Play Rating (Not a completely verified stat) = (PDO-CA%)+(((MDGA+LDGA)/(MDSA+LDSA))x100)

I adjusted the TPR rating to be better suited for the goalie’s play in their game. Note the changes in the formula above.


VGK: 5v5=35.16%



From beginning to end, the was St. Louis’ game to lose, and well they did. The Knights squeaked out a 3-2 OT win against St. Louis although being outplayed the entire game. Funny enough, the Blues dominated more as the game went on. The Knights were severely outplayed and it was brutal to watch. Colling Miller had a CF% of 50%, the highest on the team. That means that every line, and defensive pair of the Knights had little possession and luckily goaltending held them in the game. St. Louis outshot Vegas 49 to 22. This is absurd, and if this game was played 10 times, St. Louis wins 9 and a half times out of 10. This time was their half win obtaining the one point in OT and Vegas continues to put on a record start now at 6-1-0.



STL: 90.44



This Vegas team is luckiest team in the league right now. With one of the Highest PDO scores, and a TPR loaded up by above average goaltending. They are going to fall off a cliff do not worry. I am sorry Vegas fans, but now with Oskar Dansk as your starter and Fleury plus Subban on IR, I am scared for this team. I do not think they will be worse than last year’s Colorado Avalanche, but keeping up this play, it will result in a 30th or 31st place finish. Although the records, I would still take the Coyotes over the Golden Knight’s team. It is fun watching this team win and have success, yet numbers more than show that this team will fall. Still, I am happy and pleasantly surprised with this historic start.

All numbers from


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