MLB: AL Champions Houston Astros get ready to face the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2017 World Series

American League Champion Houston Astros

The Houston Astros will represent The American League in the 2017 World Series. Houston is set to take on The National League Champion Los Angeles Dodgers. This is Houston’s first World Series appearance since 2005 when they were swept by The Chicago White Sox. Houston has not lost at home this postseason, but they will have to win at least one game on the road as Los Angeles has home-field advantage.

Houston’s Starting Pitching Key to Victory…  

MLB playoffsHouston started their journey by taking down The Boston Red Sox in the ALDS, then went on to face the New York Yankees in nail-biting 7-game ALCS series. After taking the first two games at home, it seemed Houston was in control of the series. However, before a blink of an eye, New York won all three of their home games to take a 3-2 series lead, and at that point it now seemed like New York was in complete control. Houston went home and defended their home field, got the pitching that they needed and put together enough offense to push them through to The World Series. The ALCS MVP was Justin Verlander who was dominant over his two starts. He went all 9 innings in game two, and then guided Houston to a game six win with the Astros backs up against the wall. Verlander and Dallas Keuchel will have to go toe to toe with Los Angeles rotation and will have to shut down this red-hot Dodger lineup.

MVP Candidate Jose Altuve ready to lead the Astros to the promise land?

MLB ALDSJose Altuve continued to play like an MVP in this series, picking up big hits at the right times. The offense as a whole had its’ ups and downs, and will ultimately have to be a little more consistent if they even want a chance at the World Series. I’m looking for Carlos Correa and George Springer to be bigger factors here against The Dodgers. The biggest question for Houston will be bullpen depth. Houston’s bullpen was definitely outmatched by New York’s, and now they will face another tough task in the Los Angeles bullpen. Houston has been a great story all year and the city has really rallied around this team following Hurricane Harvey. They will look for a little more magic for one more series.


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