New York Rangers host NHL’s 31st team, Vegas on Halloween…

CGV_0321172493_Devils_RangersTuesday night brings the final home game of the ten the Rangers had this October as they host the 31st NHL team, Vegas Golden Knights. Vegas comes in during the middle of a six-game road trip, their first long road trip as a team. The Rangers, are coming off a loss to Montreal Saturday night, still looking to find their groove. Time’s ticking and many people believe they should start looking forward to 2018. The Golden Knights are riding high as they continue to lead the Pacific Division. This will not be an easy game for the Rangers, who are 3-7-2 in their first 12 games.

Another added note, Oscar Lindberg makes his return to the Garden after he was selected by Vegas in the expansion draft back in June.

Trade rumors cause, Vigneault’s future… 

Rumors are swirling around New York. Alain Vigneault’s job is most likely on life support as this team is underperforming. Chris Kreider’s name is centered around trade speculations. He has been around for a while and the team has given him plenty of chances to take the next step as he has yet to do so. Edmonton and Montreal have been the two places his name has been linked too. For me as a Ranger fan, if the deal is right I would be totally for a trade. Another thing rumors have been swirling around is bringing the young guys up in the system and letting them play. Guys like Neal Pionk, Vinni Lettieri, and Flip Chytil just to name a few. If the next 5 or so games continue to be like the previous 12, that would be a good move. Rangers reporter Larry Brooks reported that tonight’s game vs Vegas could be Vigneault’s last. Time will tell.

Take on Rangers tonight… 

Although the Rangers have looked poor at times and somewhat bearable at other times, this Vegas team is coming off a back-to-back and starting their fourth goalie it seems. Oscar Dansk left the game last night vs the Islanders, it should leave plenty of room for the Rangers to score goals and jump on Maxime Legace’s back early. If the Rangers drop one tonight with all things going there way, we could imagine some shacking up of the line up and or coaching staff. As of now, Ranger fans stay on the edge of your seats and just take games as they come. The best thing we can do is take it game by game instead of pointing fingers and looking for excuses to make.



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