Star Running Back Suspended

On Monday, Cowboy’s star running back Ezekiel Elliott was denied an injunction for his six game suspension. This injunction would have allowed Elliot to play the rest of the season as his case proceeds through the legal process. Overall, this is just another page to add in the story of Elliott’s legal woes, which dates all the way back to the Summer of his rookie season.


Initially, Elliott was suspended at the beginning of the season after it came out that Elliott hit one of his ex girlfriends on three different occasions. Although Elliott was never criminally charged and continues to deny these accusations, the NFL believed they had enough evidence to suspend him and use him as an example for other players. Elliott however has been fighting this suspension from the start, as it has been taken away and given back several different times.  


Although Elliott was able to fight his way onto the field for the first game, he was ultimately unable escape the NFL’s wrath and will most likely miss the next six games against the Chiefs, Falcons, Eagles, Chargers, Redskins and Giants. It’s expected that Alfred Morris will receive most of the rushing load during that six game stretch, however the Cowboys could shake things up and add another back to the roster.



Owner Jerry Jones has already voiced his displeasure of the suspension. This is no surprise, as Jones has been very vocal throughout this entire fiasco. He believes his star back should receive no punishment and that the league is being unfair.


Currently, Elliott and the NFLPA have 24 hours to come up with an emergency appeal against the most recent court decision. Right now things do not look in Elliot’s favor, however things have never looked in Elliot’s favor and he’s done a good job “treading water” up until this point. 


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