Vegas and Analytics (Game 10)


CF%=Corsi For %=Shot Attempts For/Total Shot Attempts

CA%=Corsi Against %=Shot Attempts Against/Total Shot Attempts


TPR=Total Play Rating (Not a completely verified stat) = (PDO-CA%)+(((MDSV+LDSV)/(MDSA+LDSA))x100)

I adjusted the TPR rating to be better suited for the goalie’s play in their game. Note the changes in the formula above.


VGK: 5v5=54.35%



Vegas loses this matchup against the New York Islanders in a pretty good game aside from the score. I noticed the Knights playing a much better game than the Islanders. Off the opening faceoff it did not appear this way when Matthew Barzal had 2 shots at an open net in the first couple minutes and missed both times. The first 20 minutes when it comes to shot attempts went back and forth for the first period. After the first period though, the Knights started to dominate the Islanders on all fronts. After a 2-1 lead in the first and for the most part, domination of play growing for Vegas this seemed like a prime opportunity for a 6th straight win. Then penalties hit with John Tavares on a tear not a good mix. Two powerplay goals in the 2nd swing the lead back to New York, and they never looked back. Clutterbuck and Kulemin scored to seal the victory, Tavares added another goal, he has 11 goals on the year now??? Wow, Montreal will love him. But ultimately, goaltending appeared to be a big factor in this one, surprise right?



NYI: 111.18


VGK: 129.53

Oskar Dansk was taken out during the game with another goaltending injury to a Vegas goaltender. He was not playing bad at all last night making some good saves and having surprisingly good rebound control. Maxime Legace came in and did not help his team too much. Saving 7 of 11 shots in relief. That is not the easiest job in the world at all. Down to now their 4th, technically 5th goalie if you include Calvin Pickard, not a good sign for Vegas whatsoever. If they can still find goaltending and keep up a good trend of averaging 3 or more goals a game, that will be a good sign. With the call-up of Shea Theodore, their offense and defense should improve dramatically.

Now, a quick note on Vadim Shipachyov. He and the Golden Knights have officially cut ties, and this tweet sums it up perfectly:

This is an unfortunate misuse of assets by the Vegas management and it costs them a potential top 2 center for their club moving forward which is a massive loss for Vegas. With their team finally down to looking like an NHL roster carrying 15 forwards and 9 defense men. Only if they can keep shedding a little bit, by a little bit and cut that roster down it will make a difference. A possible trade of some defense men for a goalie to hold them until Fleury, Subban, or Dansk comes back will be a nice start. It is sad to see Ship go so soon, since his former line-mate Evgeni Dadonov is having great success down in Florida. Shipachyov is heading back to the KHL for now, but may make a return for a team needing a center. I could see a team like Florida sweeping in to snag him, and may trade a player the Bjugstad for another defense man. There are plenty of moves to make, but none have to be immediate right now.


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