Fantasy Football Stars of October

October stretched from week 4 all the way to week 8. Below are three players that had a standout fantasy performance throughout these four weeks.

Melvin Gordon- RB, Los Angeles Chargers

As the centerpiece of the Chargers offense, Gordon has been a stud so far. In the month of October, he has rushed for 380 yards, scored 5 touchdowns and scored 100.5 points in standard PPR fantasy leagues. Easily one of the top goal-line backs in the league, Gordon will look to have a similar November.

Deshaun Watson- QB, Houston Texans

Watson had been one of the biggest surprises from the 2017 NFL Draft. If it wasn’t for a week 7 bye, Watson’s fantasy stats for October would be through the roof.  In standard PPR leagues, Watson scored 125.34 points. He achieved this by throwing for 1,171 yards and 16 touchdowns. He also added 1 rushing Touchdown, which came against the Titans in week 4. Currently, Watson looks like the future of the NFL and this October was just the tip of the iceberg for him.

Will Fuller V- WR, Houston Texans

Making his season debut in week 4, Fuller has been a touchdown machine and shows no signs of slowing down. Even with a bye during week 7, Fuller was able to still score seven touchdowns this month. These seven touchdowns were a big reason as to why he scored 83.8 points in Standard PPR leagues. Just like the other two players on this list, Fuller shows no signs of stopping his epic touchdown scoring season and if he’s available in any league he should be added immediately.


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