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Fantasy Hockey Buzz of the week; Wrong, Right time to buy on waiver wire players

Before the NHL gets a bit crazy Thursday night, we must talk the right and wrong time to stream players. Now personally, I have started on the wrong foot in my one league and it is because I am a person who likes to use the waiver wire as frequently as possible but this league only allows three-adds and I must use them wisely, causing me to try and guess on a player for certain days. Don’t be like me, use your add earlier than later, but be smart.

The RIGHT time to stream players

When a team is hot and scoring goals, grab that player. I don’t care what team it is or who it is, whether you like the team, player or whatever, grab the hot-guy and just run with him. Perfect example, Josh Bailey and Brian Gibbons two players off to an unbelievable start and more than likely available in most leagues. Both teams have been off to a solid start and have been able to score goals, being one of them(Bailey) is paired on the top line, it only makes sense to go after him. He plays, 17 plus minutes per game and has 14 points on the season. Gibbons now though is playing some extra time with Marcus Johansson out(expected to return today), but even so, Gibbons has played 14 to 15 minutes per game, has recorded at least some sort of statistic in every game this season and the Devils are winning games.

The WRONG time to stream players

The whole grab a player when he is the hot thing, definitely ranges to be true but also can be wrong at times, that is why one it is a waiver wire add and two this is fantasy hockey, none of us can predict the future. But what I do know is the worst time to stream a player is one when the team the player is on is losing(i.e. Rick Nash), the player shoots the puck a ton and scores very little, lastly if the player is not playing a lot. Now the beauty of most fantasy leagues is that you can check how much time on ice(TOI) the player has recorded over time, for example, Ryan Hartman would have been a sure pick up two weeks ago, but he is getting reduced ice time and went from 17 minutes or so to 10 minutes or so per game. Not the best case scenario for fantasy owners.

Take home advice

Be aware of a player’s TOI and a number of games he is playing this week. It is already Wednesday and your roster will be filled Thursday and Saturday, therefore tonight, Friday, Sunday are slower days in the NHL. What you can do though is check to see how many more times the player plays this week and make your moves according to that.

Pickups of the week

Brian Gibbons, Josh Bailey, Ivan Provorov.


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