NHL PICKS OF THE NIGHT: Flyers vs Blackhawks, Pittsburgh vs Edmonton

Philadelphia Flyers(6-5-1) vs Chicago Blackhawks(5-5-2)

The Blackhawks are coming off a tough loss to Minnesota and have dropped four of their last six games. Bringing their record to an even 5-5, .500 hockey is not where the Hawks want to be at the end of October but with a month comes more opportunities. The Flyers are coming off a tragic overtime loss to the worst team in hockey, Arizona. Besides that loss, Philadelphia has been a mediocre start but have seen production from top guys that let’s just say asleep at this time last year. Sean Couturier and Jakub Voracek have settled in nicely already this season, Courtier has three multi-goal games this season more than he has had in the last seven years. Home ice advantage has not been an advantage for Chicago this season so throw that out the window. Personally, after coming off a loss like that to Arizona, Philadelphia needs to get a win so they do not get caught on the wrong end of a losing streak. Flyers, 3-2.


Pittsburgh Penguins(7-5-1) vs Edmonton Oilers(3-6-1)

The Oilers have been nothing special this season and are the one team no one had at 3-6 at the end of the first month. Luckily it is still early for this team to turn things around but with this poor play, have come trade rumor talk. Ryan Strome is looking to be dealt already and the Oilers want a scoring left winger, not sure who they are looking for but a trade could be on the way. These two faced off October 24, where Pittsburgh won 2-1 in overtime but now this time Pittsburgh travels to Edmonton for the final meeting of the season between the two. Cam Talbot has been struggling to find his way in between the pipes this year, along with Matt Murray besides his six wins, Murray has not looked great in net. This game will be a close one and a repeat of last time, expect Edmonton will come out with this one. Edmonton, 4-3.


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