NHL Headlines 11/2

McOilers: So good news, Connor McDavid is scoring more points now, with two assists on Wednesday night against the Penguins he is up to 13 points in 11 games. Bad news, the Oilers still cannot find ways to win games. With a 3-2 loss to the Penguins, they are 1-3-1 in their last 5, and 3-7-1 in total. That is good for second to last in the Western Conference, ahead of only the joke of a season the Arizona Coyotes is having. Now this is where we are used to seeing the Oilers for the last, decade or so. This is a team that has a solid 5 forwards, but missing goal scorer Jordan Eberle is really hurting them right now. Couple this with lackluster play from supposed to be breakout defenseman Oskar Klefbom. This team has potential, and with a schedule that includes no playoff looking teams in their next 5 games (NJD X2, DET, NYI, NYR) should be at least a 3-1-1 record if not better than that. Patience is key for this team, and a rash decision to make change which could harm the team. Also, look at this pass, hahahaha, he is ridiculous.

Leaf’s Lineup Problems: Change has occurred in a surprising way for Mike Babock’s team. With a 4th line of Matt Martin, Tyler Bozak, and Mitch Marner, Babcock is not afrad to make guys feel uncomfortable in their spots. He has shown the only 3 players are safe right now: Matthews, Nylander, and Hyman. With this move, Babs moved Patrick Marleau to center. With a 3-1 win over the Ducks last night, Freddy Andersen looks back to form, ridding of his October cobwebs and looking like that stud goalie the Leafs had the majority of last season. Marleau handled the move to center smoothly collecting a goal and an assist, as well as a 62.5% Faceoff percentage. I wonder if he will still become a staple at center this season if Tyler Bozak and Dominic Moore continue their woes.

Devilish Ways: A month into the NHL season, who would you guess the top 3 teams in the East were? Maybe Tampa, Pittsburgh, and Columbus. Maybe Toronto in there, or even the Capitals. But nope, 2nd in the Eastern Conference are the New Jersey Devils. With a 2-0 win last night against the Vancouver Canucks, they improve their record to 9-2-0. A fast and skilled Devils team, looks decent this year and Cory Schneider is back to his Vezina style play, unlike the hiccup last season. This is a team that might make some noise in the Eastern Conference as a Wild Card team, but I do not believe they will be a true contender to fight for a top spot in the Metro division.


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