Vegas and Analytics (Game 11)


CF%=Corsi For %=Shot Attempts For/Total Shot Attempts

CA%=Corsi Against %=Shot Attempts Against/Total Shot Attempts


TPR=Total Play Rating (Not a completely verified stat) = (PDO-CA%)+(((MDSV+LDSV)/(MDSA+LDSA))x100)

I adjusted the TPR rating to be better suited for the goalie’s play in their game. Note the changes in the formula above.


VGK: 5v5=52.58%



Welp, I think it is safe to assume goaltending was to blame for this loss against a struggling Rangers team. Overall, a tight fought game with shot attempts being close throughout and a fast-paced game for the race to get the better lottery pick. No team took a stranglehold of the game like I thought one team would, but rather just going back and forth, shot for shot. The final shot totals were 34-38 in favor of the Rangers, but the real proof in the pudding must be high danger shots against. The Rangers had 16 High Danger Shots! That’s insane. These are shots between the hashmarks, and Maxime Legace made 12 of those saves, and is lucky to only give up 4 in that area. Overall, not an awful possession game by Vegas, they just must limit those high danger chances if they want to be competitive throughout the season, especially with their 5th string goalie.



NYR: 104.30


VGK: 143.78

This game overall as a team was much better than their previous game against the Islanders. Giving up a PDO greater than 100, their chances of winning drastically goes down. The biggest tale of this game can be boiled down to two factors. First, their goalie cannot give up 5 goals, yes, they gave up 16 high danger shots, but an NHL goalie has to make some of those saves. Second, is based

on their net front presence in their own zone. They cannot keep giving up these absurd amounts of shots and expect a young, inexperienced goalie to get them out of situations. This is a brutal situation with all the injuries, but one that can have limited damage. I am not too worried about their team right now, as of now it is just worrisome to see the goaltending situation and how they will keep adapting if anyone else goes down. Shea Theodore made his season debut as well and was not amazing, but not completely trash. With a CF% of 41.06% he could have been much better, and he also had 3 individual giveaways. Once he gets his feet wet a little bit, there is no doubt in my mind that he will be able to reach his potential of a top-3 NHL defenseman.



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