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NHL: Duchene, Turris traded in three-team deal

People it has finally happened, Matt Duchene has been traded from the Colorado Avalanche. This was coming for several months, it was in the makings since last season at the trade deadline, a whole summer passed and nothing happened. Joe Sakic seemed to be asking too much for the star center but eventually the inevitable occurred.

Duchene was sent to Ottawa Sunday night in the middle of the game vs the New York Islanders, this also sent Kyle Turris to Nashville and the Avalanche received Sam Girard, Vladislav Kamenev, Shane Bowers, Andrew Hammond, a 1st(OTT), a 2nd(NSH) and a 3rd(OTT). Turris signed a contract extension with Nashville worth 6-years at $6 mil.  A big reason Turris left Ottawa was that he was asking for more than four-years and Ottawa was unwilling to give a long-term deal to Turris.

Now the Avalanche have all intentions of playing for the future, but the Predators now have solid center depth with Turris, Ryan Johansen, and Nick Bonino and the Senators receive more center depth as well and a spark to their line up with some additional speed and goal scoring. But if you break down the trade the Senators basically sent a 1st, 3rd, Andrew Hammond and Turris for Duchene, I don’t know how this looks for the future but they are relying on Duchene to perform right from the gecko.



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