Week 10 NFL Power Rankings

  1. Philadelphia Eagles

Last weeks ranking- 1

The Eagles have established themselves as the best team in the league. They put up 51 points against a stout Broncos defense and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. The Eagles are flying into week 10. 

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers

Last weeks ranking- 3

The Steelers had a bye this week but they move up to #2 with the Chiefs losing to the Cowboys. The Steelers will continue to dominate their opponents with the four-headed offensive monster featuring Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Big Ben. 

  1. Minnesota Vikings

Last weeks ranking- 4

With the Vikings also on a bye, there isn’t much to report about. But with Teddy Bridgewater’s possible return things are looking bright in the near future even with Case Keenum taking snaps.

  1. New England Patriots

Last weeks ranking- 5

The Patriots were another top team who had a bye this week. As always, they continue to consistently be at the top of the totem pole.

  1. Los Angeles Rams

Last weeks ranking- 7

The Rams completely obliterated the New York Giants. Although that might not be considered a big accomplishment, they moved the ball with ease and had no troubles stopping Eli Manning and company. Goff looked terrific and the defense continued to force turnovers. The Rams have finally arrived.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs

Last weeks ranking- 2

Kansas City has lost three out of their last four games and are reeling. They aren’t particularly playing bad, it’s just that they aren’t playing to their opponents level. I still don’t think fans should worry too much because the Chiefs are still one of the most complete teams in the NFL.

  1. New Orleans Saints

Last weeks ranking- 8

The Saints have now won six in a row and are the hottest team in the league. RB Alvin Kamara continues to impress and Drew Brees is showing no signs of slowing down. The Saints look like they’re finally ready to make another run.

  1. Dallas Cowboys

Last weeks ranking- 12

The Cowboys surprised the league on Sunday after beating the Chiefs 28-17. Zeke once again avoided being suspended and the rest of the team played well. After a mediocre start, the Cowboys look to finally be clicking.

  1. Carolina Panthers

Last weeks ranking- 11

After being down 10-0 in the first quarter the Panthers rallied and never looked back. They won a tough divisional battle against the Falcons and closed the game out. The final score isn’t a good visual of how the game went. RB Jonathan Stewart had two fumbles that ended two promising drives. As long as the Panthers limit their mistakes, they should keep rolling.

  1. Seattle Seahawks

Last weeks ranking- 6

Seattle lost a close one to the Redskins in the last two minutes of the game. It always seems like the Seahawks don’t show up until the 4th quarter. It always comes down to the last drive. If the Seahawks want to be legitimate contenders, they’ll need to finish close games.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars

Last weeks ranking- 14

The Jaguars have finally arrived among the NFL’s top teams. Even without Leonard Fournette, they still had no problem moving the ball and their defense is elite. When Jalen Ramsey was ejected at the end of the first half, the Bengals still couldn’t put up any form of offense. Jacksonville is a team on the rise and is headed in the right direction.

  1. Detroit Lions

Last weeks ranking- 16

The Lions won a game that they should have won. Nothing new here. The Lions are an above average team that will beat all the teams they should beat. Although they were just on a three-game losing streak, all of the losses arguably came from the best teams in football being the Saints, Panthers, and Steelers. As long as Matthew Stafford is taking snaps, Detroit will be fine.

  1. Washington Redskins

Last weeks ranking- 18

I still don’t really know what to think of the Redskins. They’re just an average team that will always be in games but the decision could go either way. This week against Seattle, they came out with the close win. All in all, they’re doing a great job dealing with the tons of injuries that have occurred. Washington is definitely in the playoff race, but it really depends on how well Kirk Cousins plays down the stretch.

14. Buffalo Bills

Last weeks ranking- 9

The Bills suffered a bad loss to their division rival Jets. They looked sloppy and there really weren’t any bright spots. I don’t think the Bills Mafia should start to panic because Thursday night games tend to be weird and aren’t a good depiction of what a team can do. Once Kelvin Benjamin becomes activated, this offense should be much more dynamic and will put up much more points.

  1. Tennessee Titans

Last weeks ranking- 15

The Titans pulled out another close win against the struggling Ravens. The offense performed adequately and the defense held their own for most of the game although they did give up two fourth-quarter touchdowns that put the “W” in jeopardy. The Titans are 5-3 and tied for first in the AFC South. If they keep it up it could be a long-awaited playoff appearance for them.

  1. Atlanta Falcons

Last weeks ranking- 13

Even though they’re only 4-4, the Falcons are a huge disappointment this season. They’re suffering from a massive Super Bowl hangover and it’s confusing considering all the talent they have. They had a good chance of winning too, but Julio Jones dropped the easiest touchdown catch of his career. The dirty birds better figure out what’s wrong quick before it gets too messy.

  1. Houston Texans

Last weeks ranking- 10

I feel bad for the Texans, I really do. First JJ Watt and now Deshaun Watson. Watson was the most electric player in the NFL this season and was poised for Rookie of the Year, and maybe even MVP. But now, with all that gone, the Texans’ playoff hopes are dead. There is no way Tom Savage can lead the team to the playoffs already being down two games to the Jaguars and Titans.

  1. New York Jets

Last weeks ranking- 26

The Jets are the best football team in New York. Wow… never thought I’d be saying that this season… Anyways the Jets are one of the league’s bright spots despite having a losing record (4-5). They can beat most teams in the league if they play well enough and are no means the laughing stock of the league anymore.

  1. Oakland Raiders

Last weeks ranking- 25

The Raiders finally won a game and find themselves (sort of) back in the playoff race. Even though they’re 4-5, the Raiders find themselves in second place in the weak AFC West. The close win over Miami was a vital one and the offense actually looked half decent with Marshawn Lynch scoring two touchdowns. The defense has still yet to get an interception, which is unheard of when you’ve played 9 games.

  1. Baltimore Ravens

Last weeks ranking- 17

The Ravens offense is disgusting. Not the good kind of disgusting, the bad kind… The really bad kind. They have no pass or run game and they solely rely on their defense. Yes, Joe Flacco had a good game but most of it was garbage time passes provided by sloppy Titans defense. Personally, I think the Ravens should move on to next season already. It’s just not their year.

  1. Los Angeles Chargers

Last weeks ranking- 21

The Chargers don’t move up or down the rankings this week. They were on a bye and will face a test next week when facing off against the 5-3 Jaguars. This game is winnable, but the Jacksonville defense could terrorize Philip Rivers.

  1. Chicago Bears

Last weeks ranking- 23

Like the Chargers, the Bears only move up the power rankings because all of the other teams ahead of them just keep playing worse. That being said, the Bears aren’t that bad. The defense has been playing lights out and they can move the ball decently on offense. It’s a development year for the Bears and it’s been a good season for them so far based on what was expected.

  1. Miami Dolphins

Last weeks ranking- 24

When they traded Jay Ajayi, I thought the Dolphins were waiving the white flag and giving up on the season. Although they lost, they still impressed and opened eyes against the Raiders on Sunday Night Football. Jay Cutler looked great, yes you read that right, Jay Cutler looked GREAT, and Miami proved they can still compete in games.

  1. Green Bay Packers

Last weeks ranking- 19

Without Aaron Rodgers, this team isn’t really anything special. The defense is just “eh” and the offense stinks. Of course, if Rodgers was playing this would be a totally different story but sadly, that’s just not the case. RIP to the Packers 2017-18 season.

  1. Denver Broncos

Last weeks ranking- 20

The Broncos have fallen off a cliff. In a season that started with so much promise, it has been a disaster. The Broncos don’t have a quarterback and their so-called “best defense in the league” just let up 51 points in a game. Is it time for Denver to rebuild? It might be if they don’t find a quick fix.

  1. Arizona Cardinals

Last weeks ranking- 28

Along with the Texans and Packers, the Cardinals’ playoffs hopes are dead. Carson Palmer and David Johnson are out for the season and there is no chance Drew Stanton can lead a team to the playoffs by himself. Peterson looked great, but he won’t be enough.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals

Last weeks ranking- 22

The Bengals season can be summed up by what AJ Green did to Jalen Ramsey. A total beat down. Although in this case, the Bengals are Jalen Ramsey and AJ is every other team in the league.

  1. Indianapolis Colts

Last weeks ranking- 30

The Colts pulled off a nice win against the injury-riddled Texans. TY Hilton was amazing with 2 TD’s and 175 yards and Brisset played well too. Still, this is a lost season and players are just playing for pride and stats at this point.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last weeks ranking- 27

The Bucs make the list this year for the most disappointing team. They have an insane amount of talent but can’t do anything. On top of all this, Jameis Winston has been shut down for a couple of weeks. On to next season, Tampa.

  1.  New York Giants

Last weeks ranking- 29

Embarrassing, disastrous, sloppy, terrible…. Just a couple of words to describe the 2017 New York Giants. This team is a mess and fans are calling to clean house. The players have lost faith in Ben McAdoo and I’m sure fans can’t wait to see which player he’ll suspend next.

  1. San Francisco 49ers

Last weeks ranking- 31

The Niners almost won a game!! Just kidding, the Cardinals had it under control the whole time. Trading for Jimmy Garoppolo was a great move but he most likely won’t play this season. I usually like to think of things to look forward to for next year, but the Niners really don’t have anything.

  1. Cleveland Browns

Last weeks ranking- 32

Ha. The Browns make me laugh. I was surprised to see they didn’t lose on their BYE week.  


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