Boston Bruins(6-4-3) vs New York Rangers(7-7-2) 

The Rangers have resurrected their season in just four games and with that, the Rangers are on a four-game win streak and back at .500 hockey. The Bruins are doing what the Bruins do, playing middle of the pack hockey, they never really gain much traction in the season and do not surprise many teams, they simply do their jobs. But it is hard to go against a hot team at home and with the Bruins injury-riddled roster, they do not scare me much. If the Rangers power play continues to perform at this rate it will be nearly impossible for them to be out of any game. Rangers, 3-2.

Minnesota Wild(5-6-2) vs Toronto Maple Leafs(9-7-0)

The Wild have dropped three of their last five games as the Leafs have dropped four of their last five games. Both of these teams are due for a win, and neither of these teams goalies are performing well at all nor are their offenses outside of some players. But the Leafs need to see Nazem Kadri, Connor Brown and Patrick Marleau get on the board and chip in as the Wild just need to someone in their top six take charge. This game does have the potential to be a higher scoring game than we would like, therefore if it comes down to offenses I like my chances with Toronto. Leafs, 4-3.

Tampa Bay Lightning(11-2-2) vs San Jose Sharks(8-6-0)

The Lightning are really tough to go against, but the Sharks have been playing solid hockey, with Martin Jones behind them and playing the way he has this team has a legitimate shot vs the Lightning tonight. But I still cannot go against the Lightning even if they have dropped their two games in their last five. The Lightning offense is too deep to struggle with scoring and Andre Vasalievskiy has played exceptionally well up to this point. Lightning, 3-2.


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