NHL Headlines 11/9

No Matthews No Problem, Is it? The Leafs have played their first game without Auston Matthews since his debut, and it went according to plan…well kinda. The Maple Leafs defeat the Minnesota Wild 4-2 on home ice for a 2nd straight win. The problem this game was the shot differential, Minnesota outshot the Leafs 37-19, ouch. Without that star power of Matthews, who was out due to soreness, and was more of a maintenance day I do not know if the Leafs are still contenders. But they got one without him, and hopefully this is not a serious problem.

Rangers Are Streaking: Jimmy Vesey scored twice, and the led the Rangers to their 5th straight win. This is a huge confidence boost for a team, who in a way appeared to be similar to the New York Giants football team. A good team on paper, with a guy who should be a good coach, and they all just crumble down into a bottom dweller. The difference is hockey has 82 games, and Alain Vigneault has his guys playing the right way. To also note, Henrik Lundqvist appears to have swiped the October cobwebs off and can make a save. Overall a good game by the Rangers, who knows, maybe they will push for a top spot in the Metro when it is all said and done.

Lightning Strikes San Jose: Tampa Bay scores, scores, scores. A 5-1 win over the Sharks, and they made it look easy. Offense flowing from their whole top 9, and filtering through their lineup. The more I watch them play, the more I believe this team will win the Cup this year without a doubt. They are not pretenders at all, only if they stay healthy, sorry for the jinxing Bolts fans.


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