Fantasy Hockey DraftingSleepers Questions; McAvoy worth? Guentzel & Rask panic button

A new segment I am going to try and implement is a Sunday question and answer article. This past Thursday, I wrote on discussion board about any questions and topics people would like to discuss, the feedback was great and today we have four questions to answer!

Question 1: Mike replied “Any opinion on what to do with Guentzel? Drop/Hold/Trade?”

Answer: This a great question because we are now, 16 some odd games into the NHL season and Guentzel has only put up 5 goals, 5 assists and -7 plus/minus. Those are not great numbers for the highly bolstered forward out of Pittsburgh. Now, Geuntzel plays alongside Malkin and Kessel so the production should be there but it simply has not, which concerns me because if this continues Mike Sullivan would not hesitate to drop Geuntzel to the third line and bring up Carl Hagelin to the second line. My advice for you would be wait another week or two on Geuntzel if he does not break through try and ship him for another low-end player, his value may still hold some worth before Christmas, therefore, you could get a decent amount for him.

Question 2: Frank replied, “Is Charlie McAvoy worth owning in 10 man leagues?” 

Answer: This is fair, Frank also said that he is still holding onto him as a number four defenseman and there is no one he would rather have that is on the waiver wire. Honestly, I am doing the same thing right now, but when push comes to shove McAvoy is usually my first option to sit. It is definitely worth keeping McAvoy just due to the minutes he is seeing, he plays on the first d-pairing along Zdeno Chara and plays the second power play. The only option I could say is going out and streaming a hot defenseman, there is always one defenseman who is hot one week, therefore if you do not see the production in McAvoy sit him a few games and go out and get a streaky defenseman for the week. It is worth holding onto McAvoy though he will be a 45-50 point player this season.

Question 3: Frankie replied, “When can we hit the panic button on Tuukka Rask?”

Answer: Not yet Frankie, Rask is coming off an injury and it is not like Boston is playing great in front of him, but with Boston’s coming schedule hitting the road for their West Coast trip, then coming home to Pittsburgh, Edmonton and Tampa Bay, November does not seem like the best matchups to play Rask but pick and choose when to start him, just be smart right now playing him. Also if the Bruins can help him out on the offensive side of things and they start stringing together some wins, Rask will gain some confidence and get his game back on track. Don’t panic just yet, give it until the All-Star break.

Question 4: Kyle Griffin replied, “What’s your POV(point of view) on a like Anders Lee? Do you think he solely benefits from the Tavares effect or can he hold his own?”

Answer: Kyle also asked the speculation of John Tavares being traded is Lee a sell-high candidate. Great question and I am a bit in between on this, because well it obviously does not hurt to have a top 15 player in the NHL on your line but you can say that about a lot of guys, like whoever plays with Connor McDavid, and other star players. But Tavares will stay in New York and play alongside Lee. Even though without Tavares I could easily see Lee be a 55-60 point guy anyways, he did score 34 goals last year and 25 goals two years ago and to this point he has 17 points, being a point per game player. Without Lee, Barzal or Nelson would step along Lee and that would leave Lee to be the guy in New York giving him, even more, chances to score and produce more. Lee is a 25 plus goal scorer twice in his first four years in the NHL. But if you do see a dip in production from Lee, then I would say sell-high on him, it really depends on how much the other person is willing to give, if the deal is right you cannot simply say no. What I would say is just monitor Lee’s production, and the Islanders offense keeps this up, hold onto Lee long term, the production will be there.


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