NHL Power Rankings Update; Bolts Stay On Top, Vegas Falls Out, Sharks emerge

At the end of October, I posted an NHL power rankings article, and now that we are two and a half weeks into November, not much has changed but some teams have fallen off and some have emerged within the top 10.

October 31- November 14 NHL Power Rankings 

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning (EVEN)
  2. St. Louis Blues (EVEN) 
  3. Los Angeles Kings (EVEN) 
  4. Winnipeg Jets(NEW)
  5. Columbus Blue Jackets(-1)
  6. New Jersey Devils(+3)
  7. New York Islanders(+1)
  8. Ottawa Senators (-3)
  9. Washington Capitals(NEW)
  10. San Jose Sharks(NEW)

Ok, now, Tampa Bay will remain in the number spot in my opinion for another two months honestly. St. Louis very well could fall out of two spots but still remain within the top five. The Kings are 2-3 in their last five but the Kings are home for the next three games against the Canucks, Bruins, Panthers, where they have dropped the first two of their five-game stand. The Jets I can easily see slowly and surely climbing up the ranks, their offense is deep and Connor Helleybuck has been lights out. The Blue Jackets could easily fall off each week but they won’t fall out of the top ten all season. The Devils keep proving teams wrong and myself personally, but there has to come a time when they hit a wall, but expect the Devils to be here for the next month or so. The Islanders will be a top ten team for the next two months, the only concern here is there goaltending as Greiss and Halak both have 3.00 GAA or higher. The Senators better hope that Matt Duchene can add some fuel to their line up, but with Duchene centering Hoffman and Ryan that will be interesting. The Capitals received the much-needed goaltending from Braden Holtby as he helped bolster this team in the top ten, the Capitals will be a team in and out of the top ten all year. The Sharks are a surprise to myself but with Martin Jones and some much-needed production from Logan Couture, Joonas Donskoi and Tomas Hertl the Sharks have won five of their last six.


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