NFL Power Rankings; Saints emerge in top 5, Lions on bubble

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (8-1)

Last weeks ranking- 1

The Eagles had a bye week so nothing changes with them. They’ll face their division rival Cowboys on Sunday Night Football in week 11.

  1. New England Patriots (7-2)

Last weeks ranking- 4

Here they come. The Pats are slowly making their way up the rankings and it’s only a matter of time before their number one. They demolished a solid (but fading) Broncos defense and the Patriots look like they’re back to their old selves.

  1. New Orleans Saints (7-2)

Last weeks ranking- 7

I have to admit I wasn’t totally sold on the Saints coming into this week, but they proved me wrong. The Saints are legit. They finally have a two-dimensional offense and have the best-run game in the NFL! Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram have been spectacular leading the way and Drew Brees is doing just fine throwing the ball too. We also can’t forget that defense too, it looks solid.

  1. Los Angeles Rams (7-2)

Last weeks ranking- 5

The Rams were another team I wasn’t completely sold on. I guess it was just hard to believe that the Rams were actually good. Wow, it sounds weird saying that out loud. However, even though it sounds weird fans better get used to hearing it. The LA Rams are good and it’s time to start viewing them as serious contenders in the NFC.

  1. Minnesota Vikings(7-2)

Last weeks ranking- 3

I know, I know, how could the Rams drop two spots in the rankings when they just had a solid win over the Redskins? It’s not anything against the Vikings, they’re still a top team, but the Rams and Saints are just better in my opinion. All of this is, of course, subject to change in the coming weeks but for now, this is just the reality. Case Keenum continues to play like a legitimate starting QB and everything else keeps clicking for the Vikings.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers(7-2)

Last weeks ranking- 2

The Steelers are a solid team however they tend to struggle against weak teams. This showed again on Sunday when they barely beat the last-place Colts on a last second field goal. They still have Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, and JuJu so no need to worry… yet.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs(6-3)

Last weeks ranking- 6

The Chiefs had a bye week so not much changes for them. They’ll play the Giants this week in the Meadowlands so it should be another easy win.

  1. Carolina Panthers(7-3)

Last weeks ranking- 9

This is the part in the power rankings where things get a little sticky. A lot of these teams are alike in many ways, such as nobody really knows the identity of these teams yet. The same goes for the Panthers. They play on Monday Night Football against Seattle. 

  1. Atlanta Falcons(5-4)

Last weeks ranking- 16

I think the Falcons are finally back. They’re coming off a dominating performance against the Dallas Cowboys beating the 27-7, and destroyed Dak Prescott sacking him eight times. Normally, I wouldn’t read too much into one game but the Cowboys aren’t a easy team to destroy. This is exactly the type of game Atlanta needed and should propel them further into the season.

  1. Seattle Seahawks(6-3)

Last weeks ranking- 10

The Seahawks remain at #10 on the power rankings with a close win over the Cardinals last Thursday night. Although they’re winning games, the Seahawks keep racking up injuries, most notably being losing Richard Sherman to a torn achilles. Lucky for them, Russell Wilson is playing out of his mind and can lead them to a playoff spot.

  1. Detroit Lions(5-4)

Last weeks ranking- 11

The Lions dominated the Browns…. No news here. As long as Matthew Stafford Is taking snaps, the Lions will be just fine and will always contend for a playoff spot.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars(6-3)

Last weeks ranking-11

The Jaguars just keeping winning. Their inexperience shows greatly and they’ll need to show maturity late in games. Marqise Lee had a costly taunting penalty at the end of regulation that took away a scoring opportunity, leading to a Blake Bortles interception. Lucky for them, Josh Lambo bailed them out with two late kicks and won the game in overtime. Regardless, Jacksonville is a tough team to beat.

  1. Dallas Cowboys(5-4)

Last weeks ranking- 8

What are the Dallas Cowboys? I don’t think anyone really knows. They got obliterated by the Falcons, losing by 20 points and looked lost on both sides of the ball. It certainly doesn’t help that Zeke’s suspension finally started. This might be a long stretch for the Cowboys if they don’t figure something out fast.

  1. Tennessee Titans(6-3)

Last weeks ranking- 15

The Titans pulled out another close win against the Bengals winning 24-20. Marcus Mariota led his team down the field in a two-minute drill with the help of DeMarco Murray, who finally showed up big with three total touchdowns. Now tied at the top of the AFC South with the Jags, the Titans find themselves in a playoff race for the first time in a while.

  1. Washington Redskins(4-5)

Last weeks ranking- 13

The Redskins actually made it a close game towards the end of the game against the Vikings. The offense is strangely never the problem for Washington, they can score the ball just fine, it’s the defense that has to step up eventually if they want to make a playoff push.

  1. Buffalo Bills(5-4)

Last weeks ranking- 14

The Bills are falling fast. After two straight blowout losses they’ve benched Tyrod Taylor in favor for rookie Nathan Peterman. Things aren’t looking good, but they can still save their season with good defense and a resurgence in this struggling offense.

  1. Oakland Raiders(4-5)

Last weeks ranking- 19

The Raiders were on a bye last week and only move up because both the Texans and Jets lost, and moved down on the list. However, things look better for Oakland as their offense seemed like it started to click in week 9.

  1. Baltimore Ravens(4-5)

Last weeks ranking- 20

Like the Raiders, the Ravens move up the rankings by default. Their defense is strong, and they have a proven offense but it needs to start moving as the season reaches the second half.

  1. Los Angeles Chargers(3-6)

Last weeks ranking- 21

The Chargers can always compete in games but they just can’t finish them. That’s been a huge problem for Philip Rivers and Co. They can’t find ways to close games. That’s why they can find themselves at the bottom of the rankings every year.

  1. Green Bay Packers(5-4)

Last weeks ranking- 24

The Packers showed they can finally win without Aaron Rodgers. Even though they faced the Bears and it’s not too impressive, that’s still something. The Packers season is lost, but they can still compete in games.

  1. New York Jets(4-6)

Last weeks ranking- 18

The Jets lost an ugly game to the disappointing Bucs who were without top receiver Mike Evans. Not much was expected of the Jets this season, so finding them at 21 is actually not a bad thing. This might be the highest they get the rest of the season.

  1. Chicago Bears(3-6)

Last weeks ranking- 22

The Bears don’t move up or down the rankings, they stay put at 22. With so many weak teams in the league this year, they kind of just fall into the mix of lackluster teams. Things look bright for their future though with a young offense and a performing defense.

  1. Arizona Cardinals(4-5)

Last weeks ranking- 26

Although they’ve been losing, the Cardinals have impressed me without David Johnson and Carson Palmer. They’re still competing in games and could be a spoiler for contending teams.

  1. Miami Dolphins(4-5)

Last weeks ranking- 23

Believe it or not, the Dolphins are still in the playoff hunt. They’re like that annoying friend that always sticks around until the end when nobody really wants them there. They just hang around until eventually they’ll fade. Turnovers plague this team and unless they can cut down on them, Miami is as good as done.

  1. Houston Texans(3-6)

Last weeks ranking- 17

Oh Houston, at least the Astros won the World Series, right? The Texans are nothing without DeShaun Watson and JJ Watt. It’s sad to see, but it’s the truth.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(3-6)

Last weeks ranking- 28

The Bucs finally got a win playing a weak Jets team. Still, it’d be foolish of a Tampa fan to gain any hope in a playoff run. This team could barely get anything done with Jameis Winston so it definitely won’t get anything going with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center.

  1. Denver Broncos(3-6)

Last weeks ranking- 25

The Broncos continue to skid. After getting blown out by New England 41-16, fans are losing all hope of what was once a Super Bowl contending team.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals(3-6)

Last weeks ranking- 27

The Bengals will always compete in games this season because of their defense, however they won’t win games because they’re offense is so lackluster and predictable. It’s disappointing to see so much talent wasted this season.

  1. Indianapolis Colts(3-7)

Last weeks ranking- 28

The Colts hung in there against a strong Steelers team. Of course, their efforts just weren’t enough. Colts fans should be satisfied with how well Jacoby Brissett has been playing, considering he was a former third-string QB and had to learn the system in such a short time.

  1. San Francisco 49ers(1-9)

Last weeks ranking- 31

The Niners finally got their first win of the season! It’s nice to know that there won’t be two winless teams…

  1. New York Giants(1-8)

Last weeks ranking- 30

The Giants are a joke from top to bottom. I don’t know what John Mara is waiting for, but Ben McAdoo should have been gone after the Giants got embarrassed by the Rams.

  1. Cleveland Browns(0-9)

Last weeks ranking- 32

Oh the Browns…. Not much to say here. 0-16.



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