NHL: The Saddest, Greatest Goal in NHL History? Dallas Stars vs Edmonton Oilers 2007

Today I came across a video shared by The Morning Skate on Instagram it brought me back down memory lane, when I was younger I remember coming across this video and ever since I cannot fathom to watch my teammates nor myself take a shot at the empty net. All thanks to the time Patrik Stefan missed the net vs the Oilers in 2007, this will forever haunt me for as long as a I live.

Why is this the greatest, worst goal in hockey?

Well first off how many times do you watch a game where the team is trailing 5-4 with 25 seconds left, to see a team tie it, 5-5 with a 2.1 seconds left. Perhaps a few times. But how many times do you watch a video of a player make a great poke check at the blueline come down, skate the puck to the net, the puck hops over his stick and the other team comes down and scores on a breakaway with 2.1 seconds left. Not too often!

This play is the greatest goal for several reasons it has taught all young hockey players, some very valuable lessons.

  1. If you are within spitting distance of an empty net, shoot the puck.
  2. Nobody likes a show-off, great you made a nice play, now finish it.
  3. Don’t get caught puck watching, the defense watched Stefan skate the puck in and were hoping he would score, but they failed to recognize the two Oiler players behind them. Head on a swivel folks.
  4. The play is never dead, never. Until you hear that final buzzer or whistle, the play is never over.
  5. No matter how much time is left there is still a chance.

Forever this play will haunt me, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to shoot on an empty net with confidence ever, and I’m sure many people feel the same way. Way to go Patrik Stefan. The worst part about this is he misses the net and then attempts to go back for the pucks, losses an edge and casually skates back into the play. If I lost that puck, you better bet I’m hauling it to the other end stopping that play. Such a sad but memorable moment in NHL history.


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