Connor McDavid 2018-19 predicitions

The Fish Tank: NHL Picks Out West

Philadelphia Flyers(8-8-2) vs Winnipeg Jets (10-4-3)

The broad street bullies enter Winnipeg to face the hot Jets. The Jets have been playing great hockey all the way around, Connor Hellebuyck gets the nod again tonight and with the way he has been playing, the Jets know they have a great netminder back in the crease. The Jets have been putting up a lot of goals per night which is what they need for success. The Flyers will look to come out hot after getting shutout in Minnesota. The Jets home ice advantage will pull through for them tonight. Jets 5-1

St. Louis Blues (13-5-1) vs Edmonton Oilers (7-9-2)

The Blues go way north to face the Oilers who are coming off a great win putting up 8 goals against the Knights. The Blues look to continue their overall success throughout the league improving their numbers night by night. The Oilers have all the momentum and look to continue rolling tonight. Oilers 4-2

Vegas Golden Knights (10-6-1) vs Vancouver Canucks (9-7-2)

The Golden Knights are coming off a tough loss against the Oilers who scored 8 goals against them. There’s no getting better here as they enter Vancouver who has been playing great hockey that has been flying under the radar. The Canucks are coming off a big win in Los Angeles and look to continue rolling with new young players. Canucks 4-3

Boston Bruins (6-7-4) vs Los Angeles Kings (11-5-2)

The Bruins enter Hollywood to take on the Kings. The Kings are coming off a loss vs the Canucks which they blew a 2-0 lead late in the game. The Kings have a roster that has been connecting very well and putting up good numbers. The Kings will look to bounce back after their loss the other night. Kings 3-2

Florida Panthers (6-9-2) vs San Jose Sharks (10-6-0)

The cats walk into the shark tank tonight to face the 10-6 Sharks. The Sharks entered the year looking for scoring, over the course of the first 16 games they found it within their lineup. The Panthers have been very streaky this year as well having flashes of success. The Sharks have the edge tonight at home against a streaky cats team. Sharks 4-3


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