Vegas And Analytics Series (Game 16)


CF%=Corsi For %=Shot Attempts For/Total Shot Attempts

CA%=Corsi Against %=Shot Attempts Against/Total Shot Attempts


TPR=Total Play Rating (Not a completely verified stat) = (PDO-CA%)+(((MDSV+LDSV)/(MDSA+LDSA))x100)

I adjusted the TPR rating to be better suited for the goalieā€™s play in their game. Note the changes in the formula above.


VGK: 5v5=48.00%



Vegas comes home and beats a surging Jets team 5-2 to capture their first win in their last 3 games. This is a game where no team really took control and Lagace did not play awful at all. He kept Vegas in this one and stayed in control. William Karlsson had a nice day potting two goals for the Golden Knights.




VGK: 150.13

In the last post I had I saw the pattern of a TPR of 150 or above will almost guarantee a victory, the Golden Knights this game got that total in this matchup, which is enough to get the Win. The Knights continue their success at home this season. It is becoming more evident that Lagace is getting worn out and this will be a factor in their game against the Edmonton Oilers in a piece I will upload later today. This team keeps surprising. Nothing is better than a good underdog story as we head into mid-November.


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