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NHL In Review: Take on Vegas, Calgary, thoughts and more!

We have hit the quarter mark of the season I’d say, were about 23 some odd games in and I think we can get a pretty good feel for most teams in the league right now. But, there are still some teams I am at a loss for words for, that I truly have no idea what to expect at this point or further down the line. With that said, today comes with the NHL review edition, today we will look at some teams, the standings and what to expect for the next month.

Vegas lights out at home…

Las Vegas Golden Knights, what the hell is up with this team. They are legitimately unbeatable at home and have been terrible on the road so far. If Vegas continues this home ice play they split the season down the middle, or go down as the best home team in NHL history. Up to this point, Vegas has lost one home game of the nine they have played at home. All of November for them has basically been on the road and December they go back to the home ice advantage. Through December of the thirteen games they play, eight are home. Which means the Golden Knights very well could be in serious playoff contention come January, cause if you think about it at the end of December we will be 40 games in a halfway mark on the season and if they are still in the top three for the Central, I just don’t know what to say then.

Flames success plus Johnny Hockey’s season…

Is Calgary a favorite to win the Pacific? I mean when you have Johnny Gaudreau putting up two to three points per game and four points behind Stamkos for the league lead it HPAqzD6definitely helps the Flames case. The best part about this team is that their defense is actually deep and one of the better defenses in the league but they have not even started playing like it. The scary part is that this team could be even better, if they see some defensive help and Mike Smith stays a bit more consistent, this team looks to be a favorite for the Pacific. Their offense with Sean Monahan, the Michael’s and Tkachuk, pieces are all over this lineup. Throw in Jaromir Jagr’s experience come playoff time, this is a team we should all be keeping our eye on.

Lightning success, youth production…

Tampa Bay Lightning a shoe-in? This team has been something very special and exciting to watch this season, with Stamkos back and Kucherov starting where he left off last season the Lightning look to be the most dominant team in the NHL right now. With that said, can this team keep it up for the long haul? I am not 100% bought in just yet, now we have to understand that Brayden Point, Vladislav Namestnikov, and Yonni Gourde have been producing at an exceptional rate, can we believe these guys do it all year. I don’t know. Andrei Vasilevskiy has been good but nothing to throw your arms in the air for, the Lightning are scoring three-plus goals a game, so really his job is not too tough right now. I like Tampa Bay and think they’ll be a top team in the NHL but only losing three games through 20 games is absurd and difficult to keep up.

Blackhawks concerns…

Chicago Blackhawks miss the playoffs? The Blackhawks have been such an up and down team this season, but right now they currently sit two games above .500 and in the second wild-card spot by a point. They are ranked 13th among all NHL teams for goals Fantasy Hockey F ranked 41-50for(61), their power play which is usually a successful point for the Hawks are performing at one of the league’s worst percentages(16.1). Overall the addition of Brandon Saad and Patrick Sharp is not looking great right now, their defense has major concerns, Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith cannot be a two-man wrecking crew doing everything, their games have tapered off with the amount they are having to deal with. Kane for the first time in god knows how many years is not even in the top ten for points, better yet not even the top 20. The Blackhawks concern me right now and with the way the West is looking, between Dallas, Minnesota, San Jose, Edmonton it’s fair game for that wild card spot. If the Blackhawks miss the playoffs, most certainly can we expect major changes.


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