Pittsburgh Penguins(11-9-3) vs Boston Bruins(9-7-4)

It seems as if goaltender Anton Khudobin has taken over the ranks in Boston, well either that or the Bruins are riding the hot tender, Khudobin has 6 wins, 2.13 goals against(GAA) and .938 save percentage on the year, and in the last two weeks he has 3 wins, 1.71 GAA and .950 save percentage. The Bruins are riding the hot hand as Tuukka Rask has been off to a slow start. The Bruins may go back to Khudobin tonight, but either way, whoever is in net won’t mean much due to the Penguins deep offense. This game will be determined by the Bruins defense holding off the Penguins offense, and the Bruins taking advantage of the Penguins fragile blue line. Bruins at home is nice and this game is basically a push, I’m liking the Penguins though, they need a win tonight heading into two tough matchups. Penguins, 4-2.

Winnipeg Jets(13-5-3) vs Anaheim Ducks(10-8-3)

The Ducks are slowly getting back some pieces to their line up, Cam Fowler was activated off the IR last game, which helps their blue line, but still missing three key forwards is not great for Anaheim. Despite all the injuries to Anaheim, they are managing to string together wins, which comes from the help of players like Rickard Rakell getting his touch back. The Jets though are so dangerous on any given night this team can bury eight plus, so many offensive weapons and now throw in a hot goaltender, the Jets look to be one of those teams that are getting the confidence they need. This game again is a push, I’d take the over here for tonight as it is 5.5, Jets offense can slate four goals, Ducks bury two, easy. Jets tonight with the win.

San Jose Sharks(11-8-1) vs Vegas Golden Knights(13-6-1) 

The Sharks definitely do not scare me heading into Vegas, one of the best home teams this season and a team that continues to see offensive production from all over the lineup. The Sharks struggle to stay consistent and have not seen production on the front end all year, let alone the power play too. When Brent Burns has 7 points through 20 some odd games, that’s a problem. I think this one is easy tonight, although Vegas is the heavy favorite tonight, it just makes sense to ride the hot home team. Vegas for sure tonight. 

Toronto Maple Leafs(14-8-1) vs Carolina Hurricanes(9-7-4) 

Hurricanes are coming off a brutal home loss to New York Wednesday night, and it won’t get easier tonight vs the Maple Leafs. Anytime you go up against Auston Matthews it is never going to be easy. The Canes have a deep team but without goaltending this team is a borderline .500 team and nothing special. The offensive production has not been there for the Canes all season and Toronto is just a step away from being one of the best teams in the NHL, even with Mitch Marner and William Nylander not performing amazingly. Leafs money line may be better tonight.

Los Angeles Kings(12-8-2) vs Arizona Coyotes(5-16-3)

The Kings are looking to be coming back down to earth now, dropping five of their last six games, things are not looking great. But when you are struggling and get a chance like this tonight to completely blow a team out, get some confidence back in the room and get things going in the right direction, you must capitalize on it. Kings lose tonight, probably could write them off rest of the season, no joke. Coyotes have a solid team but they are just too young, and their goaltending has been an issue all season. Jonathan Quick helps the Kings get back in the win column tonight, going Kings money line. 

Other games on tonight

Avalanche vs Wild: Don’t be afraid to take the Avalanche. 

Islanders vs Flyers: Stay away. 

Lightning vs Capitals: Leave it, worth the risk on Capitals though. 

Oilers vs Sabres: I may throw up. This game could be ugly. 

Canucks vs Devils: 1000% do not be hesitant to take the Canucks. 

Senators vs Blue Jackets: Could go either way, but Jackets at home. 

Predators vs Blues: Avoid. 

Flames vs Stars: Same with Blue Jackets game, but Flames are hot. 


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