NHL: Dallas Stars quarter mark review: What’s the issue?

Personally, I overshot the Stars a ton coming into the season I imagined Dallas to be a top-three team in the Central and one of the better teams in the NHL, well after 22 games played Dallas sit 7th in the Central posting an 11-10-1 record. Dallas struggle are quite obvious thus far.

Offensive scoring depth

After Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin and Alexander Radulov the rest of Dallas’s offense has a combined 18 goals between eight players. The Stars have not been able to get any sort of scoring depth and players like Jason Spezza and Martin Hanzal are at blame for this. Hanzal has been an absolute bust, to say the least, and now he is sidelined for a few weeks, Jason Spezza has not been able to get anything going after being taken away from Seguin/Benn, Spezza has been MIA all season.

Goaltending, Consistent Goaltending…

Ok, Ben Bishop has not been terrible but let’s just say he has not been great nor consistent, Bishop has allowed four or more goals in five starts this season, Bishop goes from letting in one to two goals a game to three plus for three straight games. He has been streaky and too inconsistent for Dallas to really gain any momentum. It is not all Bishop’s fault by any means but Dallas needs some goaltending to help them out.

Dallas is looking to be a team right on the bubble looking in come April, without goaltending and depth scoring this team will not go far and after 22 games played we have seen neither of those all season. The Stars cannot rely on the first line to do everything each night, teams target that line and shut them down, the Stars are done. I can confidently say I was wrong on Dallas before the season and now re-addressing this talk, I think they are a bust for the 2017-18 season.


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