NHL Fantasy Hockey

Drafting Sleepers Fantasy Hockey Q & A Edition 3

We are in week three of Drafting Sleepers fantasy hockey question and answer series. This week we have four questions. The support has been absolutely awesome and I truly love answering these questions, if we get even more I can do this two times a week! Spread the word and share the article! Let’s get this going. Ok, now onto the questions, here are four questions.

Question asked by S Hunt “Would you hold onto Kyle Palmieri if you IR slot is already filled?”

Answer: Honestly no, he’s been on and off the IR list and looks to be out for at least three months, possibly more. No reason to waste a roster spot for a guy who when he comes back will take some time to get into a rhythm. Drop him and let him walk.

Question asked by Matt Johnson “Why has Nylander forsaken us?”

Answer: this was more of a statement I guess but I found it comical, but I feel you, man. This one is a stinger. But honestly, I don’t understand this one either, the sophomore slump cannot actually be a real thing, can it? The Leafs are seeing some offensive struggle in a few guys this season and it is not a good sign. But still, I think Nylander will be a 50 point guy. For you, maybe trade him his name still has some value and you may be able to some ROI on Nylander.

Question asked by Stu Peterson “What’s your opinion on what’s wrong with Jack Eichel?”

Answer: Since this was asked about three days ago and since then Eichel has been slowly picking it up, but the real problem with Eichel is his team. The Sabres lack goaltending and defensive depth and have found themselves behind in so many games, which has worn off on Eichel causing him to try and do too much and it is resulting in some stagnant performances. Right now though I would not be too concerned with Eichel he is going to score 25 goals and 75 points this year but obviously, he was expected to do a bit more, but right now we must remain patient with Eichel.

Question asked by Mike “Which Vancouver goalie would you rather own right now? Or ROS?”

Answer: Are you saying “ROS” like the roster, I’m not entirely sure. But anyways, the majority of the workload is given to Markstrom although Anders Nilsson has lost one start in seven appearances with a .934 save percentage, and 2.25 goals against.While Markstrom is posting a 6-8 record in 17 appearances, with a 2.62 GAA and .911. Vancouver seems to be a decent team this year, and they are playing well. If you want to get starts, just pick and choose when to start Markstrom against certain matchups would be best. But Nilsson is not worth adding right now, if you need a goalie for a day then go for it. His time in the net is not there but, monitor the waiver wire for Nilsson. I’d rather have Markstrom just because I know he is the starter right now and he will be given the nod most nights.


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