FREE NHL PICKS OF THE DAY: November 27, 2017

Philadelphia(8-9-6) vs Pittsburgh Penguins(12-10-3)

When these two play each other you can forget about what their records are or what both teams have done up until this point. The Flyers and Penguins always check out to be a great game. This is a game that I am fully unsure about, although I would like to say Pittsburgh because home ice and picking up a big win vs Tampa Bay the other night, plus Sidney Crosby is getting back on track. At the same time, the Flyers first line is producing at an unreal pace, Brian Elliott has not been all that terrible and will for sure come to play tonight vs a big-time rival. Both these teams defenses are mediocre, to say the least, and it will come down to the man advantage, special teams game, whoever wins special teams wins this game. Going Pittsburgh. 

Columbus Blue Jackets(15-7-1) vs Montreal Canadiens(9-12-3)

Let’s hear it Montreal fans, “Carey is back, and the Canadiens are going to get back on track!” Relax people he shut out the Buffalo Sabres one of the worst teams in hockey right now, congratulations. Yes, it is a shutout so, hat tip to Carey but nothing to throw our arms in the air and start saying breathtakingly idiotic takes now. The Blue Jackets are a top team in the Metropolitan and also have a pretty good goaltender and an offense that just does not stop. With the addition of Cam Atkinson back in the lineup, it gives this offense a much-needed boost on the goal scoring side of things. Montreal is home and the home ice plays into their favor, but I like Columbus on the road tonight.

Florida Panthers(8-12-2) vs New Jersey Devils(14-5-4)

The Panthers are a team you just do not know what to expect, assuming Roberto Luongo gets the start we can guess that it will be a tight game relatively saying. But the Panthers have some solid pieces on offense and still struggle to score goals, it comes down to consistency and depth. After the Panthers top six, it is a little wary but still, that top six should be producing at a much more consistent and better rate. While the Devils are opposite their top six scores and their bottom six find a way to chip in also, with some unlikely heroes stepping up the Devils have found themselves in the lead of the Metropolitan division, with little breathing room as both teams on their tail play tonight. Devils are looking to be the real deal, but still, with 60 plus games to play, we can call them early successors. Tonight, I am going to Jersey tonight as I just don’t know with Florida.

Minnesota Wild(11-9-3) vs Winnipeg Jets(14-6-3)

The Jets dropped a tough one to the Sharks Saturday night, the first time this season they got shutout. The Jets though look to be early successors as well, with that deep offense, hot goaltending the sky’s the limit for this team. Personally, I believe the Jets will be here all year and a team that will be in the mix. The Wild are slowly getting all their injured players back but still against a good team like Winnipeg, a win won’t come easy. Winnipeg’s offense vs Minnesota’s defense will be fun to watch tonight. I am going Winnipeg though.

Anaheim Ducks(10-9-4) vs Chicago Blackhawks(11-8-3)

The Ducks back end is slowly getting pieced back together but on the front end, they are still missing some valuable pieces. As it showed in their shootout loss to the Kings Saturday night, they struggled to score goals and since they could not get anything going on the offensive side of things, holding a one-goal lead is more difficult than it seems. With the lack of goal scoring and offensive help, the Ducks will be hanging on for wins all year. The Blackhawks offense has stepped up a bit, but there is still room for improvement, plenty of weapons on this offense to get the job done. The scary part about this team is their defense, man, this defense will be the kryptonite to their success all year. Anyways, tonight I am going Chicago.


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