New York Islanders

NHL Power Rankings update, Bolts, Blues atop again, Islanders climbing, Capitals emerge

November 14- November 27 NHL Power Rankings

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning L 10: (7-3-0) (even)
  2. St. Louis Blues (6-3-1) (even)
  3. Columbus Blue Jackets (6-3-1) (+2)
  4. Winnipeg Jets (7-3-0) (even)
  5. Nashville Predators (8-1-1) (new)
  6. New Jersey Devils (5-2-3) (even)
  7. New York Islanders (7-2-1) (even)
  8. Vegas Golden Knights (7-2-1) (+4)
  9. Toronto Maple Leafs (7-2-1) (New)
  10. Washington Capitals (6-4-0) (-1)

Discussion of Lightning, Blues, Blue Jackets 

The Lightning stay atop because even though they lost the number one spot, they are still the best team in the NHL in my eyes, they dropped three games and two of them should have been wins. They will be right back on top in no time. The Blues are honestly so surprising to me, I did not think they would be this good, and now we look at the 24 games in and they are the best team in the NHL. The Blues are for real this year people and they are not slowing down anytime soon! The Blue Jackets honestly, you look at their roster and they do not seem that great, but this team continues to win and continues to stay atop the leaderboards. The Metropolitan division will be tough but the Jackets will for sure come out with a playoff spot.

Discussion of Jets, Devils, Islanders 

The Jets now, are no pretenders people, this team is solid and they have the offense to be a top team in the league, now if they can just consistently get solid goaltending from either Steve Mason or Connor Hellebuyck than they are in the clear. The Devils are definitely a team of a major surprise this season, but I cannot fully jump on the bandwagon just yet, there is still a lot of hockey to be played and where this team is seeing goalscoring from is quite alarming to me. The Islanders look to be LEGIT, this offense, between Barzal, Lee, Tavares, Bailey look to be legitimately unstoppable. Plus Nick Leddy is having himself a year, get Halak or Greiss to wake up and not let in four-plus goals a game this team looks to be riding high for a playoff spot.

Discussion of Vegas, Leafs, Capitals 

Vegas, man oh man, this team has found its way in the top 10 two times this year already. At home there is not a team better than them, they have won eight straight at home and post a 9-1 record at home. I am not too sure with this team but all I know they are one resilient bunch, a group of players that simply got thrown out the door of their team, seem to be playing with a chip on their shoulder. I don’t want to say it but I might have too Vegas looks to be a contender right now. Toronto, I expected this team to be higher, but they will for sure find themselves in the top ten all year and a playoff spot. Even with the slow production of Marner and Nylander the Leafs are still a league-leading team. Leafs will be a shoe-in for a playoff spot this year with that Atlantic division, plus when Nylander, Marner wake up they will be even higher in the rankings. Capitals are slowly gaining some respect from me, the Capitals offense really is not as bad as we thought, Ovechkin is back to his old ways and Jakub Vrana has stepped up nicely for the Capitals and it doesn’t hurt to have Braden Holtby. The only thorn in the Capitals side right now is their defense, they have to find a way to make this defense better or it may come back to hurt them in the long run.


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