Michael Crabtree vs Aqib Talib: Round 2

This Sunday, the Aqib Talib vs Michael Crabtree saga continued after Talib snatched Crabtree’s chain off his neck during the game. The action caused a huge fight to break out between both teams and resulted in ejection and a one game suspension for both players.


Last year, during week 17, Talib also snatched Crabtree’s chain, which was the first big incident between the two players. This incident resulted in a mini scuffle between the two players and they have been beefing every since. That’s why it was no surprise this Sunday when a second incident transpired between the two players. Reports even came out saying that Crabtree taped his chain to his chest prior to the game, so Talib could not get it. However, Crabtree denies these reports.


Originally, the two players were suspended for two games, but after an appeal, the suspension was brought to just one. This harsh punishment came as a surprise because a few weeks ago, Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey and Bengals wide receiver AJ Green both participated in an even worse fight and received a much lesser punishment. These suspensions will most likely not affect either team too harshly, as both the Raiders and Broncos have been playing terrible this year and should not have high hopes for the playoffs.



For Crabtree, fighting with a cornerback is nothing new. Crabtree most infamously had beef with Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. This quarrel peaked after Sherman called out Crabtree on national television, following his game sealing interception against the 49ers in a 2014 playoff game.


Knowing Crabtree’s history and Talib’s personality, the clash of these two titans should not surprise anyone. As long as these two are in the same division, their rivalry should continue.  



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