FREE NHL Picks: November 30, 2017

Los Angeles Kings(14-8-3) vs Washington Capitals(14-10-1) 

As the Capitals climb the ranks in the standings each game is extremely pivotal, especially in that tight Metropolitan division. The Kings have in a sense slowed down, definitely not as successful as they were the first 13 games, the Kings offense has also slowed down. Tonight the Kings hit the road, in which they have been pretty good this year posting a 7-3-1 record, while the Capitals are 8-4-0 at home. I like the Capitals offense more than the Kings defense and offense, plus with two elite goaltenders going head to head tonight it will make for an interesting matchup. I can confidently go with Washington tonight.

Vancouver Canucks(11-10-4) vs Nashville Predators(15-6-3) 

This is another easy choice for me as the Canucks head into Nashville one of the better teams at home this season, and with Nashville’s recent success, it will take a lot to knock off the Predators. Nashville’s 9-1-1 record at home is something I am quite confident in, and is 8-1-1 in their last ten, while Vancouver is 3-5-2 in their last ten. Vancouver is by no means a bad team, just not a playoff team yet and that is what they are playing tonight. Nashville easy tonight.

Vegas Golden Knights(15-7-1) vs Minnesota Wild(11-10-3) 

For some reason, I saw this game and immediately said Vegas for sure. Vegas dropped a tough one to Dallas on home ice the other night and there is no way this team gets shutout two games in a row, nor will they drop a game like that again. At this point in the season, Vegas is said to have a 91 percent chance of making the playoffs. I like Minnesota but they are a bit too streaky for me, good offense, solid defense and a solid goaltender, but on some nights Minnesota just do not look there. I am also feeling a Vegas road win, something to give Vegas, even more, accreditation this season. Vegas is 6-3-1 and Minnesota is 6-3-1 in their last ten games. Vegas tonight, I’m feeling it.

Arizona Coyotes(6-17-4) vs Calgary Flames(13-10-1) 

Arizona has no business going into Calgary and stealing a game and for god sake, I hope Calgary does not let this team hang around. The Coyotes went to overtime with the Oilers Tuesday night, something you cannot allow for a team that wants to make a playoff push. The Flames offense fueled by Sean Monohan and Johnny Gaudreau will take over this game, if Calgary does not take this game, I think there is some area of concern. Calgary is 5-4-1 in their last ten while Arizona is 4-4-2 in their last ten. Calgary tonight, please.

Toronto Maple Leafs(16-9-1) vs Edmonton Oilers(10-13-2)

Call me crazy people but if Edmonton wants to continue to climb the rankings they better start beating teams like Toronto. In Edmonton’s last ten they are 4-5-1, not great but better than what they were. As Toronto is 7-2-1 in their last ten. Toronto stays on the road with this one and hopefully, Auston Matthews can throw a shot towards the net in this game, as he had zero last game vs Calgary. An Edmonton win would be monumental to the team at this point in the season as they are five points out of a playoff spot. Toronto is making the playoffs either way. I like Edmonton tonight, call me crazy but Edmonton needs a big win.

Other games on tonight

Canadiens vs Red Wings: Uhhhh, Carey Price is hot, going back-to-back, if so, stay away.

Stars vs Blackhawks: Blackhawks. Period.



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