NFL: Ben McaDump sits franchise QB Eli Manning vs Oakland Raiders

Something occurred in the world of sports that is probably going to be talked about for the next 15-years, a story you can tell your grandchildren/children. One of the most devasting things in New York sports happened not too long ago. After the Giants started the season on the wrong foot and after some unforeseen events happened in early in the year, with Odell Beckham Jr out for the season, Brandon Mashall out for the season and the Giants have a terrible offensive line, the Giants now sit at 2-9 heading into week 13.

After Eli Manning was forced to deal with being without his number one and two wide receivers, he never slowed down. Taking the criticism in the New York media is never easy and never once has Eli crumbled. This season Eli is posting 247/395 passing attempts, a 62.5 percent completion, 2,411 yards 14 TD and 7 INT, and has been sacked 26 tied for the 7th most in the NFL among quarterbacks.

Without his number one and two wide receivers, Eli was not given the best offensive line in the league, coming into the season the Giants knew the o-line was going to be a problem, but they banked on their wide receiving core to bail them out. Well after five weeks Eli had no o-line, no wide receivers, and no running game as well.

After starting the season poorly, the Giants did not expect to be where they are right now and much of the blame has been thrown on Eli Manning, well that blame comes from Ben Mcadoo. The first year coach, a coach that has not even lived the days Eli has seen in New York as a Giant, came in and totally turned this organization upside down.

The question is where does Mcadoo’s blame come from? Eli posted a 63 percent completion last season, threw for 4,027 yards(on pace for that again), 26 TD’s(on pace for that again) and 16 INT. With all Manning has dealt with this season he is still posting fine numbers as a starting QB. Not too mention, Eli not only brought these team to the playoffs numerous times, but he won the two super bowls, and in both those Super Bowl wins, he beat the unbeatable, Tom Brady. Also, Manning is the only QB to beat Brady in a Super Bowl.

Ben McaDump starting Geno Smith over Eli Manning and ending Eli Manning’s starting streak is blasphemy. Whats even more blasphemy is that Mcadoo said the “Giants have a better chance of winning with Geno Smith at QB this week”. This guy does not deserve to coach in the NFL and he obviously does not have the necessary mindset or knowledge to coach at this level. Eli deserves better and I hope Eli walks away after this season.

For more on this, watch, Mike Francesca absolutely rip Mcadoo apart!


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