FREE NHL Picks: December 4, 2017

San Jose Sharks(14-9-2) vs Washington Capitals(15-11-1) 

The Capitals have looked to be getting back on track and to the old Capitals teams we know, even without a strong blue line, this offense has certainly picked up the slack as of late. A big win over divisional rivals Columbus, the Capitals improved to 6-4-0 in their last ten games. While at home this season the Capitals are 9-5-0. Taking a look at the Sharks is a little vaguer, as they have been a bit streaky and inconsistent this season, goal scoring from Joe Pavelski and Brent Burns has not been there, and San Jose as a whole struggle to score goals on most nights. Sharks in their last ten are 5-3-2 and on the road this season they are, 7-3-1. A solid road team vs a solid home team, throw in two top goaltenders in the NHL and we have ourselves a low scoring contest. Sharks stay out of the box and start quick, a win can be in store but tonight I am going Washington.

New York Islanders(15-8-2) vs Florida Panthers(10-13-3) 

The Islanders have been an exciting team to watch, as five forwards continue to produce all season and are the driving point to the Islanders success, one defenseman has slowly crept up in the point race for defenseman. If the Islanders can get some goaltending this could be a dangerous team, unfortunately, Halak and Greiss are just not getting the job done. In their last ten the Islanders are, 7-3-0 but on the road, they’re 7-7-0. As goes for the Panthers we never know what to expect from this team and as their top six forward Evgeni Dadonov is out, the Panthers are looking for some unlikely players to fill the ranks. In their last ten, the Panthers are 5-4-1, while at home they are 5-5-2. One team that struggles on the road and one that struggles at home, while both goaltenders are nothing special we can expect a higher goal tally her tonight. Going Islanders.

Boston Bruins(12-8-4) vs Nashville Predators(16-7-3)

The Bruins have been slowly getting healthy, getting David Backes back, David Krejci, Brad Marchand, Torey Krug, this team is benefiting a lot with their healthy roster. The Bruins are also on a two winning streak after taking down Philadelphia, and Tampa Bay. The Bruins beat Nashville 4-3 but in Boston, now the tables have turned as the two meet for the last time this regular season. The Bruins are 6-3-1 in their last ten while being 5-4-2 on the road. Nashville one of the best home teams in the NHL welcome an opponent they saw over a month ago, but as Nashville is home this time around, their 10-2-1 home record should pay dividends into their success tonight. In their last ten, Nashville has managed to post a 7-2-1 record, and it seems the addition of Kyle Turris is looking to be a good one. This game will be no easy test, but tonight I am going with Nashville.

Philadelphia Flyers(8-11-7) vs Calgary Flames(14-11-1) 

As we all should know the Flyers are currently riding a 10 game losing streak, and if this continues they could be posting a franchise record for the number of games last in a row. In their last ten they have managed to pick up 5 points, but post a 0-5-5 record and, the worst part about this game is their road record is not much better as they are 4-5-3. There are no positives to be looked at for this teams skid lately. The Flames are lucky as they welcome a fragile Flyers team, but also not so lucky because this could mean the Flames may be the team the Flyers beat and end the streak. Calgary has not looked great and has slowed down a tad since the start, in their last ten they are 5-4-1 while posting a 7-7-0 home record. A fragile pissed off Flyers team vs a Calgary team that must collect two points to stay in this playoff race. Tonight I am going with Calgary.


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