Seattle to welcome NHL & NBA franchise in coming months

This has been a speculation for a few months now I assume, earlier in the summer this was a topic of conversation, but nothing new came out about it. Well after several months later the City of Council in Seattle voted 7 to 1 in a $600 million renovation to the Key Arena.

The city of Seattle once welcomed the Seattle Supersonics many years ago, after a failing franchise and failing revenue streams the arena disassembled and the city of Seattle was left with nothing. After several years later and a successful new franchise in Las Vegas now the city of Seattle feel as if it would be able to sustain both an NBA and NHL franchise. It seems as if the renovation would not be done until 2020, and after the Vegas’s success with an NHL franchise, all signs are pointing towards an NHL franchise making it’s way to Seattle. This is great news for the NHL as they continue to try and grow the game and spread it around the world, Seattle is one of the biggest markets, and a perfect fit for an NHL franchise.

Seattle is the 15th largest Metropolitan¬†area, it populates around 3,700,500 people and is one of the largest growing cities in America right now. Home to one of the less successful franchise’s in the MLB, the Mariners. Whom for being a borderline bottom of the basement team still averaged around 26,000 fans per game, that is not too shabby for an unsuccessful team.

Anyways, it seems there are mixed opinions about this whole Seattle renovation, as Twitter has fired back and done what Twitter does best. Throw out mixed opinions to the public sphere. Look here…..

Seattle Key Arena

It seems as if this person is not too happy, one of the many people who had their opinion on how this may affect Seattle, but some like the one below have expressed their love for this decision along with their fear of what can happen in the future for this arena. One team has already come in and failed as an NBA franchise, the people of Seattle would not be happy to see another franchise come in, get chewed up and spit out only a few years in the running. Seattle Key Arena

Either way, the city of Seattle would not be oppressed to either an NBA or NHL Franchise a very big market with very devoted fans that are longing for new sports to be welcomed to their city. The arena would seat 18,350 fans for NBA games and 17,150 for NHL games along with 19,100 for concerts. This opens a new market for these sports, as well as helps out the city of Seattle add some other revenue streams to their pocket. This is a win, win for both sports and the city of Seattle. Let’s see where this goes in the coming months as the NHL is expected to announce their commitment to adding an NHL team to Seattle.

Seattle Key Arena


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