NHL Power Rankings: Kings back, Vegas stays, Devils drop

The last time we went over the power rankings was November 27, so for the last two weeks we allowed the NHL to play out and here we are for another edition of NHL power rankings.

November 14- November 27 NHL Power Rankings

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning L 10: (7-3-0) (even)
  2. St. Louis Blues (6-3-1) (even)
  3. Columbus Blue Jackets (6-3-1) (+2)
  4. Winnipeg Jets (7-3-0) (even)
  5. Nashville Predators (8-1-1) (new)
  6. New Jersey Devils (5-2-3) (even)
  7. New York Islanders (7-2-1) (even)
  8. Vegas Golden Knights (7-2-1) (+4)
  9. Toronto Maple Leafs (7-2-1) (New)
  10. Washington Capitals (6-4-0) (-1) 

November 27-December 11 NHL Power Rankings (NEW)

  1. St. Louis Blues (6-3-1) (+1) 
  2. Tampa Bay Lightning (6-4-0) (-1) 
  3. Nashville Predators (7-1-2) (+1) 
  4. Winnipeg Jets (5-3-2) (-1) 
  5. Columbus Blue Jackets (7-3-0) (new) 
  6. Los Angeles Kings (8-1-1) (new)
  7. Toronto Maple Leafs (6-3-1) (+2) 
  8. Vegas Golden Knights (7-3-0) (even)
  9.  Washinton Capitals (8-2-0) (+1)
  10. New York Islanders (5-4-1) (-3)

The Blues have lost Jaden Schwartz for six weeks it appears and also Alex Pietrangelo for a short period of time after he blocked a shot Saturday night. While the Blues are without Schwartz a big piece of their success, let see how they do without the star winger now. The Lightning has slightly fallen off they are not as successful but they are still one of the best teams in the NHL and as the rest of December they have some favorable matchups, to say the least, with two top goal scorers in the league can the Lightning stay atop the standings all year. The Kings had a remarkable last ten and have seen the offensive production they need, and it seems a lot of their success comes from Anze Kopitar. This Kings team is a quite of a question mark for me but a team that will be here all year I’d say.  The Predators after the addition of Kyle Turris have been lights out and with Ryan Ellis still out whenever he returns this team is a sure divisional winner and bound to be back deep in the playoffs. The Blue Jackets, have seen the rapid production of Dubois, Anderson and Panarin and that has surged this team as of late. I like the Jackets and they are always a competitive team, without a team that will be in the top ten all year. Maple Leafs rely heavily on Frederick Anderson but again this team has so much depth up front that there is no reason for anyone to panic about this team and with the four balanced lines and two solid defensive lines, I believe this team will be a contender and among the top ten all year. I don’t even know what to say about Vegas I cannot believe they are still among the top ten and have been in this power rankings three times now and with Fleury coming back it only makes things better for this team. I am lost. The Capitals offense has been surged by Alex Ovechkin and Braden Holtby has picked up some big wins for this team, they will be a team in and out of the top ten but in a playoff spot. The Islanders goaltending is brutal if they do not find a quick fix soon, this will be a problem yes their offense is great right now but doing that for the rest of the season is tough. Could see the Islanders fall off soon, but right now they are an exciting group to watch.


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